Used Binotron 27 Binoviewer - UT-12022 -SOLD-

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  • This is a used binoviewer in very good condition*


Used Binotron 27 Binoviewer - UT-12022 -SOLD-

UT-12022: Binotron 27 Super System

After 14 years of designing binoviewers and peripheral optical systems to allow focus, power switching, filter switching and collimation, we decided to create the perfect binoviewer from scratch. We build the body,  machining and all optics to the highest tolerances. Focus is no issue in ANY telescope with this system. Included is the Binotron-27 with rubber coated body, individual focusing eyepieces that move each eyepiece up and down, not around. The eyepiece holders allow quick and easy touchup of collimation in under a minute. Note that we collimate every Binotron to the most exacting standards so you may never need to consider doing the collimation adjustment but if it ever becomes necessary, this can be accomplished in seconds. Consists of a dual arm power switch attached to the Binotron which produces three different magnfication factors with a single pair of eyepieces.


ConditionVery good
Warranty90 Day


  • Binotron 27 binocular viewer body
  • Built-in power switch unit
  • 1.25" nosepiece
  • Padded plastic carry case
  • * The rubber grip shows some wear, anodized power switch housing has faded slightly. Optically very good *


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