Used Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum Filter - UT-11694 - SOLD -

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Used Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum Filter - UT-11694 - SOLD -

UT-11694: The Solar Continuum filter, 1.25-inch size by Baader Planetarium  operates at a bandwidth of roughly 540 nm without emission or absorption lines. These filters have been designed to focus your solar viewing experience in on solar granulation and sunspot details, producing top quality visual images of these features when used in conjunction with a compatible solar filter. Their function then is as an image enhancer to improve your solar experience when you already have a fully functional solar filter. The Solar Continuum filter from Baader Planetarium helps bring those fine solar details into sharp and clear focus, reducing contrast and purifying clarity of vision.

This filter can enhance both visual and imaging solar experiences, and can be used with any kind of telescope that it is possible to use a normal solar filter with. It is of the most utility in conjunction with SCT's and achromatic refracting telescopes, due to its property of completely excluding the red and blue wavelengths while focusing in on the peak visual wavelengths where the telescope optics are operating at their highest possible level, without false color chromatic aberration of any kind. As an added note, Baader recommends use of the Solar Continuum filter in conjunction with their own UV/IR cut filters for optimal performance when you are engaging in digital imaging. 

The Solar Continuum filter is ideal for use as a star test filter due to its narrow band pass and complete blockage of extreme long and short wavelengths. It is perfect for testing refractors at their center design wavelength, and enables very accurate appraisals of optical quality to be made without the influence of spherochromatism or secondary collar error. The only requirements for using this filter in star testing would be an exceptionally bright star and the refracting telescope you wish to test. 

Please Note: The Solar Continuum filter from Baader Planetarium is not a stand alone solar filter, and must be used in conjunction with a primary white light solar filter. For safety reasons, do not attempt to view the sun while using only this filter, or you are likely to incur permanent eye damage. It must be placed after a primary white light solar filter in your imaging or visual train. 


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  • Baader 1.25" solar continuum filter
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