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Used Atik 16200 Monochrome CCD Camera-SOLD

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Used Atik 16200 Monochrome CCD Camera-SOLD

The Atik 16200 is the highest resolution Astrophotography camera to be produced by Atik to date! Boasting a 35 mm Sensor Diagonal and a 16.2 Megapixel Resolution, the images you can capture on this camera will blow your mind! It has the signature Atik blend of form and function, boasting an APS-H size sensor with a 35 mm diagonal in a whole new case design. The sensor has a generous 6 micrometer pixel size which makes it suitable for a huge range of telescopes. The large format size of the camera makes it ideal for astrophotographers looking to capture wide-field views of the night sky. It's also an excellent match for longer focal lengths, capturing intricate details on even the smallest and faintest of objects. Whatever your astrophotography style, the large size of the images give you the freedom and flexibility to zoom in and take a closer look at regions of interest with the level of detail you'd expect from your main target.

The large size of the Sensor makes it a perfect fit for 2-inch filters, and is conveniently well suited to use with the 2-inch EFW2 offered by Atik. It is also fully compatible with Atik Air, making it easy to add WiFi and Ethernet connectivity to your set up- and once you've got your filter wheel and WiFi setup? There's nowhere you won't be able to use this camera from with the proper filters in place- from the brightest and most light polluted of cities to the darkest of nights, no stars shall escape your sight! That is one of the more beautiful traits of a monochrome camera, once you have your filters setup and in place, there's almost no where in the world you won't be able to shoot top notch astrophotography images from!

The CCD is housed in a sealed, argon-purged chamber to create a dry, condensation free environment. Atik has also introduced a dual-stage Peltier and powerful new heatsink for optimum cooling performance. At Neg.45-degrees C typical and a huge Neg.50-degrees C maximum, it's their best delta yet. All this means you can take stunning low noise images, even when the temperature's high outside. Meanwhile the high tech custom electronics of the camera, specially designed by Atik, render the read noise at just a little bit over 9e-, a respectably low number for a camera of this kind of monstrous size- and one that will be improved when sufficiently cooled by the powerful dual-stage system in use! There's also a new blade shutter which provides consistent and reliable performance over the camera's lifespan.


Color or MonoMonochrome
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • Atik 16200 monochrome camera body
  • 2-Inch Adapter
  • 3-meter USB Cable
  • 1.8-meter Battery Power Connector (car light plug)
  • Quick-start guide (paper)