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Open Box Astrodon 1.25" LRGB and Ha Filter Set

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  • This is an open box set of filters in excellent condition


Open Box Astrodon 1.25" LRGB and Ha Filter Set

Astrodon filters are high performing, durable filters that provide significant aid for astrophotography and research pursuits. Each filter is constructed using a highly innovative process with a single high quality 3 mm thick fused silica substrate and full hard oxide sputtered coatings. Ideally suited for back-thinned and Sony detectors, Astrodon LRGB filters simplify imaging by requiring only a single exposure time, plus one corresponding dark exposure, rather than one for each color. This saves valuable imaging time and results in improved color separation and "Tru" color balance.

Astrodon 1.25" Gen2 E-Series LRGB Filter Set


Designed to approximately equalize the flux of red-sensitive full-frame CCD detectors with compensation for the solar photon flux, Astrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance filters were designed for cameras containing the full-frame KA8300, KAF3200, KAF6303, KAF16200, KAF16803, most Sony sensors. and back-thinned sensors with Progressive Scan, Front Illuminated or Back Illuminated sensors. The Luminance and Blue filters in both the E-Series and I-Series filter sets are identical. Approximately 1:1:1 RGB color combine weights within possibly 10% are thus enabled. Although this can never be perfect, it does allow all of your RGB data to be captured in a single exposure time with just one equivalent dark exposure time. This simplifies the imaging process by preserving valuable imaging time.

Astrodon 1.25" Gen2 E-Series LRGB Filter Set Highlights



    • Set includes Luminance with UV and NIR blocking, as well as Red, Green, and Blue filters


    • 3 +/-0.025 mm single 1/4 wave fused silica substrate before coating


    • 30 arcsecond parallelism


    • Approximately equal color combine weights for G2V white-point for Interline (I) detectors


    • Equal RGB exposures with one corresponding dark exposure time


    • Improved color separation (see transmission spectra)


    • Improved color rendition for color theory based galaxies


    • Virtually eliminates reflections and star halos


    • Spectral "gap" between green and red filters minimizes the impact of light pollution


    • Maximum efficiency blue filter with lower UV


    • Correct "teal" OIII color for planetary nebulae (OIII signal over 97% in blue and green)


    • Parfocal with both Astrodon's high performing narrowband and near-infrared Luminance filters


    • Features solid, ultra-hard edge-to-edge sputtered coatings


Setting a new standard for imaging and research performance and durability, Astrodon narrow 5 nm and 3 nm bandwidth filters reduce background noise to enable enhanced contrast of emission objects. Transmittance is guaranteed to be above 90% at the emission wavelength for the highest signal available. The combination of this guarantee and filters with such spectrally narrow bandwidth assures the highest contrast possible. In fact, Astrodon's latest narrowband filters are known to attain 95-98% transmittance. Even when capturing extended 30-45 minute exposures typical of narrowband astrophotography, Astrodon Narrowband filters are still able to minimize halos around bright stars, a skill these filters are known for. Lastly, these Narrowband filters from Astrodon are edge-blackened and feature coatings to the edge of the part. This is integral to keeping the stray light as low as possible for a filter that blocks most light not in the narrow bandpass.


The enhanced contrast these Astrodon Narrowband filters provide is their most distinguishing trait. With improved contrast, faint detail in emission line objects like planetary nebulae and supernova remnants becomes more apparent. This effect is even more pronounced with narrower bandwidth filters. With a filter that's spectrally narrower, however, the difficult part is maintaining a constant signal (% transmission at the emission line). This is why Astrodon's >90%T guarantee is so important as it provides assurance that you'll be able to take advantage of the upgrade in contrast these narrow bandwidth filters offer.


ConditionLike New
Warranty90 Day Covered By OPT


  • Astrodon 1.25" LRGB Gen2 E-series and Ha 5nm filters
  • Original plastic cases and packaging