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Universal Astro Rubber Strap Wrench


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  • Best tool for removing accessories that are stuck together
  • Flexible strap fits any shape, can be loosened or tightened
  • Made of high-quality rubber that won't scuff or scratch your accessories
  • Gets a grip on smooth metal surfaces when your fingers or other tools can't

Product Details

  • The Universal Astro Strap Wrench features a rubber strap that lets you get a grip when two astronomy accessories are stuck together. The high-quality rubber can grab onto smooth metal surfaces like anodized aluminum, which is commonly used in astronomy accessories. By tightening the rubber ring around your stuck accessory, you can then grip the handle with one hand and twist one accessory while holding the other accessory with your other hand. This will let you unthread two stuck accessories, including:

    • Field Flatteners
    • Focal Reducers
    • Reducer/Flatteners
    • Coma Correctors
    • Off-Axis Guiders
    • Camera Adapters
    • Back Focus Spacers
    • Filter Drawers
    • & much more
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    Warranty1 Year Warranty
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    • Universal Astro Rubber Strap Wrench

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