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Light Pollution Filter Bundle for Canon Crop Sensor


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  • Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter
  • TPO Dust Cleaning Bulb - Mini
  • Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen

Product Details

  • Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In Light Pollution Filter (APS-C)

    Fighting against light pollution is always a struggle for astronomers, but the Universal Astro Canon EOS Clip-In UHC Light Pollution Filter is for those employing the simple efficiency of a Canon EOS camera.

    The most affordable and performance proven Canon EOS APS-C light pollution filter on the market!

    Made as a UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter, this Clip-in filter really brings out the dark backdrop of the sky while keeping color variation in stars intact. Particularly in a city-scape setting, you'll always have light pollution to deal with, but these images below give an idea of the drastic improvement this filter will provide.

    • Massively improve your DSLR astrophotography experience with this Light Pollution Filter!
    • Simply clip in and remove as needed.
    • Designed for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
    • An excellent transmission rate of over 95%!
    • See more attributes and example images of the filter below.

    Without the filter:

    With the filter:

    Grab one for yourself and experience the newfound ease afforded to your astrophotography experience!

    Filter Specifications:

    • Fitted for Canon EOS APS-C Cameras
    • Lens Thickness: 1.1mm
    • Angle of Incidence: 0-8 degrees
    • Full Width at Half Maximum: 480nm-510nm & 650nm-700nm
    • Central Wavelength (480-510): 490nm
    • Central Wavelength (650-700): 660nm
    • Transmission: >95%
    • Optical Density: OD3
    • Blocking Range: 200nm-470nm & 530nm-635nm
    • Filter Type: Light Pollution/City Light Suppression

    TPO Dust Cleaning Bulb - Mini

    Dust and smudges are common in the astronomy hobby. Glassware and mirrors are commonplace with most major pieces of equipment. With this dust cleaning bulb, you can quickly and easily clear your gear of any unsightly debris.

    • Gently removes dust from delicate gear like filters, eyepieces, and telescope optics.
    • Quick and easy to use.

    Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen

    The Universal Astro Lens Cleaning Pen can be used on all optical lenses, LCD displays, or glass surfaces. It is very safe for such optical lenses, including multilayer-coated surfaces. Its ability to remove oily fingerprints and dust is more effective than any cleaning tool. The pen body and head are made of high-strength wear-resistant material and the brush is made of horsetail hair, which can effectively clean and protect the camera at the same time. It adopts a unique cleaning mixture, no leakage, no air-drying, environmental protection, easy to carry, high-quality, and freely retractable cleaning brush.

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    Filter TypeLight Pollution/City Light Suppression
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