TurtleTech MOVA Globe Mars - 6" - NOT AVAILABLE -

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TurtleTech MOVA Globe Mars - 6" - NOT AVAILABLE -

Turtletech Mars Mova Globe- 6"

This smooth, detailed globe is a beautiful representation of the planet Mars. Lovingly crafted, this 6' globe will spin gently within it's clear acrylic sphere using nothing more than solar energy and the Earth's magnetic field. There's no batteries or wires to muddle about with; just place the globe upon it's stand, position the setup wherever you please- and wait for the globe to be exposed to either natural or artificial light. Your display piece will come to life, turning round and round for your viewing pleasure. All in all, this beautiful globe makes a great decoration for any kind of room, showing the mysterious planet Mars for your viewing pleasure.

  • Features
  • No batteries or wires to worry about
  • Solar/Magnetic Field Powered
  • Dimensions of 6"L x 6"W x 9.5"H
  • Weighs 6 lbs

How Does it Work?

MOVA Globes are carefully designed and constructed to accomplish a clean, simple, and effective product. To accomplish the rotation and visual design, each MOVA globe has an inner globe that rotates within a clear acrylic outer shell and in between, there is a safe fluid that keeps the inner globe afloat. The designs on the inner globes are magnified and as a result, it makes the outer globe seem that it is rotating.

MOVA Globes rotate quietly, perpetually and continually with the use of light and with the help of the earthŸ???????????s magnetic field. To start and to continue the globes rotation, MOVA globes use the combination of both solar cell technology to absorb low light and much like a compass, the globes pushes against the earthŸ???????????s magnetic field to start itself. Using an ultra-low friction motor design and micro volume fluid technology the motion is smooth and effortless.