Technical Innovations RoboFocus Remote Focus Driver



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Technical Innovations RoboFocus Remote Focus Driver

Technical Innovations' RoboFocus is a remote focus driver to be installed on your existing telescope focus mechanism. RoboFocus provides digital control and feedback of the focus position using a specialized stepping motor controlled by a microprocessor. To use the RoboFocus from a remote location, you send the commands from your computer to change the focus position and receive back digital position information. You will check the results by taking a CCD image to judge if the focus is where you want it. Many users find that they can focus perfectly in only 3-5 minutes after taking only a half dozen fast star images.

With RoboFocus, you can make tiny changes to the focus setting so that you can finally take full advantage of the resolution of your optical system for either visual or imaging applications. Y ou can repeat a focus setting at will, and you can always get back to a setting that you found to be optimal. And, you can make these focus changes from your control room or observatory.


RoboFocus Highlights...


  • Focus to less than 0.001 inch


  • Automatic Backlash Compensation


  • Vibration free operation


  • Remote control via computer


  • Seamless interface with other focus routines (MaximDL, FocusMax, etc)


  • Open source software


  • Installs on Windows based systems, including XP and XP Home


  • Digital readout on PC screen


  • Precise repeatability


  • Full manual operation


  • Fits nearly all focusers


  • New line of custom mounting brackets


  • Optional 4-outlet power box, which can be controlled remotely


  • One full year warranty

This complete RoboFocus system is ready to install and operate on your specific telescope/focuser. System includes custom designed stepper motor, RF3 control module, mounting hardware (brackets, shaft coupler, and/or timing sprocket), power converter/adapter (110vAC to 12vDC), cables, PC software (on CD) and comprehensive instruction manual. Remember, you must specify the telescope/focuser that the RoboFocus will be installed on.