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TPO Scope Table no EP Holes - Left Handed

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TPO Scope Table no EP Holes - Left Handed

A sturdy, solidly built black table with inset holes for holding scopes properly. Built to last and endure, this Scope Table is more than capable of holding scopes of various sizes between use- allowing you to conveniently have them on hand to be interchanged as needed. It also has the added feature of inbuilt levels; allowing you to be absolutely sure precisely how straight or crooked it is at a glance. The solid black matte construction ensures that it'll last as long as you need it to- just prop it up wherever you need it, and you're good to go! This table is meant solely for use with scopes, not eyepieces, and only has holes meant for use with scopes.



Accessory TypeAccessory Trays
Warranty2 Year Warranty