TPO Red Dot Finder - Single Dot

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TPO Red Dot Finder - Single Dot

Have you ever wished you could simply point and shoot your telescope? Well, now you can. With the TPO Red Dot Finderscope, aiming is as easy as aligning the red dot on the target area. (Note: Red dot appears on the screen and not in the sky.)

The non-magnified LED screen provides a clear window to the stars and the adjustable brightness red dot provides a visual reference to where the telescope is pointed - day or night. The TPO red dot reflex site makes a great accessory to all telescopes, including birdwatching and binoculars.


TPO Product Number: RDF

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  • Hello OPT red dot finder has adjustable brightness controls ? Actually back order how many time to have it ? thank you for your answer

    Gerard, The Antares 80mm finderscope does not come with rings. There are different types of rings and brackets you can get for this finder scope. For further information, you can contact me at Thanks, Steve

  • Will this finder fit in the mount a Meade ETX90 telescope?

    Unfortunately, not without modification. There is no mounting surface on the ETX 90 for a conventional finder, so you would need to add a strip or two of double stick tape under the quick release base to attach to the tube and then you can swap the finde

  • What is the overall height, from base of the dovetail (part attached to telescope) to the top of the flat area of red dot finder?

    From the base to the top of the flat area on top is approximately 3.75". From the base to the top of the housing for the optical "window" (full height) is approximately 1" more.

  • Will it work with the Atik 428? Will it work with focal reducers or th Hyperstar?

    The AOLF can be used with any manufacturer's camera as long as you have an ASCOM controllable guide camera and the spacing is set correctly to where both cameras come into focus at the same time. Due to the long back focus, this will not work with most f

  • Are there any Optec motor focusers that work with this? Would like to use a DSLR/motor focuser on this for automated imaging runs with Sequence Generator Pro.

    Unfortunately, no. At the moment, there are no third party motor add-ons that will work with the Star71. Robofocus is a possible option, but you would need to take measurements of the focuser drive shaft in order for them to figure out the correct coupl

  • Is the brightness of the red dot variable?

    Yes, the brightness of the LED (and the resulting "dot") is adjustable. The round knob, visible on the back-end of the finder, has an off-position but otherwise adjusts the intensity of the LED.

  • Aloha OPT, Will the female shoe/base fit on an Astro Tech 72mm ED refractor? According to Astro Tech's documentation, the scope comes with small 5mm screws already installed on the OTA (which I have verified). But the length of those little 5mm screws

    Unfortunately, it does not appear that the makers of the AT72 designed an easy way to mount a finderscope. The OPT red dot finder will not work unless you can use some sort of adhesive to connect the base to the focuser/scope.