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TPO Premium 5-Piece Visual Telescope Filter Set

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TPO Premium 5-Piece Visual Telescope Filter Set

TPO filters are made of high quality, solid plane parallel glass with excellent homogeneity. They are anti-reflection coated to prevent glaring and ghosting. These eyepiece filters are threaded to fit either 1.25" or 2" eyepieces and other accessories with a 1.25" or 2" barrel. Each filter in this kit comes with a hinged, plastic case to keep your filter safe and clean when not in use.

#80A Medium Blue Filter

The TPO #80A Blue is a popular filter for the study of Jupiter and Saturn. Enhances contrast of rilles and festoons in Jupiter's cloud belts, as well as details of the Red Spot. Brings out detail in Saturn's belts and polar phenomena. Very useful as a contrast-enhancing lunar filter.

TPO #80A Medium Blue Filter

TPO 58A Green Filter

#58A Green Filter

#58 Green Use the #58 Green Filter on telescopes 8" aperture and larger to reject blue- and red-toned structures on the surface of Jupiter and thereby increase their contrast relative to lighter parts of the disc. The TPO 58 Green Filter can also be used to enhance Saturn's cloud belts and polar regions. This filter strongly increases the contrast of Mars' polar ice caps, and increases contrast of atmospheric phenomena on Venus.

#12 Yellow Filter

The TPO #12 Yellow Color Filter contrasts strongly with blue-colored features on Jupiter and Saturn, while enhancing red and orange features. Lightens red-orange features on Mars, while reducing or blocking the transmission, and thereby increasing the contrast, of blue-green areas. Useful in increasing the contrast of lunar features in telescopes 6" aperture and larger.

TPO #12 Yellow Filter

TPO #21 Orange Filter

#21 Orange Filter

#21 Orange reduces or blocks transmission of blue-green wavelengths. Use on Jupiter and Saturn to enhance detail in the belts and polar regions. Sharpens boundaries between yellow-orange areas and blue-green regions on Mars, resulting in a darkening of edge-detail in the maria.

#25 Red Color Filter

The #25 filter strongly blocks the transmission of blue and blue-green wavelengths, resulting in very sharply defined contrast between blue-tinted cloud formations on Jupiter and the lighter-toned features of the disc. Also useful for the delineation of the Mars polar ice caps and maria. Because of its relatively low total light transmission the #25 filter idealy should be employed on telescopes of 8" aperture and larger.

TPO #25 Red Color Filter

What these Filters are good for

#12 #21 #25 #58 #80A
OS-F12 OS-F21 OS-F25 OS-F58A OS-F80A
Mercury Planetary/sky Contrast x x x
Surface Features x x
Venus Planetary/sky Contrast x
Cloud/atmospheric Features x
Reduce Glare x
Moon Feature Contrast x x
Reduce Glare x x
Mars Atmospheric Clouds x x
Surfac Plain and Maria x x
Desert Regions x
Polar Ice Caps x x
Melt Lines x
Frost Patches x
Limb Hases & Terminator Clouds x
Jupiter Belts x x x
Cloud Bands x x x
Loops x x x
Festoons x x x x
Ovals x x x
Great Red Spot x x x
Galilean Moons Transits x
Polar Regions x
Saturn Clouds x x
Betls x x x
Polar Regions x x x
Rings x x x
Uranus & Neptune Detail in Large Telescopes x
Blue/green Contrast x


Filter ShapeRound
Filter Size1.25"
Filter TypeBlue
Filter TypeGreen
Filter TypeOrange
Filter TypeRed
Filter TypeYellow
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  • TPO #12 Yellow Filter
  • TPO #21 Orange Filter
  • TPO #25 Red Filter
  • TPO #58A Green Filter
  • TPO #80A Medium Blue Filter