TPO Plastic Case for 1.25-Inch or 2-Inch Filters

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  • You're enjoying your lunar observing session and when it's time to pack it in for the night, you reach into your pocket and realize your filter case is gone. You're at a star party and lend a friend an OIII filter - it comes back, but the case doesn't. You've spent years babying that red filter you so enjoy to use on Mars, but you're tired of the broken hinge. You put your good light pollution reduction filter on, drop the case, and hear the sickening crunch as you step on it in the dark.

    Do any of these sound familiar? It's a fact that if you use and enjoy your special astronomy filters that it's only a matter of time before something happens to the case. Now you can replace it with a filter case from TPO! These plastic storage boxes feature a hinged lid, they snap securely shut and also have a foam pad at the bottom. It is just the right size for 1.25 inch or 2-inch filters or anything else that fits in a 2.64-inch x 2.64-inch x .47 inch box.

    TPO Product Number: CF2

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    • TPO Plastic Case for 1.25-Inch or 2-Inch Filters

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