TPO Eyepiece Barrel Dust Cap - 1.25"

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  • TPO Eyepiece Barrel Dust Cap - 1.25"


Product Details

  • A flexible plastic, replacement female 1.25-inch barrel dust cap

    It's the end of the observing night and you reach your hand into your pocket to retrieve the dust cover for the barrel of your favorite eyepiece. Oh, no it's gone... You dig through your accessory case. You search the ground frantically with a flashlight. You pat your pockets down again. Why? You realize that without the dust cover over the open end that all manner of things - from dust to bugs - can now enter your optics.

    We've all been there... Done that. Sure, a Ziploc bag will work in a pinch, but not in the long haul. Why settle for whatever when you can get replacement barrel dust covers for your telescope's eyepieces, Barlow lens, diagonal or webcam for about the price of a cup of coffee? At OPT, we have these specially made just for our customers, because we understand what it's like - just as we understand the importance of sealing up your equipment when not in use.

    Fashioned from flexible plastic, TPO replacement female barrel dust caps for eyepieces, Barlows, diagonals, and eyepiece cameras resist hardening and cracking with time. Unlike a sandwich bag, the OPT barrel-style dust cap is made specifically to fit over your optic's male end. Why take a chance of accidentally dropping foreign debris inside your good optics? Buy an extra and you're always covered!

    TPO Product Number: C125

  • specifications

    Barrel Size1.25"
    Warranty2 Year Warranty
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    TPO Eyepiece Barrel Dust Cap - 1.25"




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