TPO 8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope with Bracket & Base

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  • TPO 8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope with Bracket & Base

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    • Spots Optics have 8x Power!
    • Dust Caps Included.
    • 2 Year Warranty.

    TPO 8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope with Bracket & Base

    Upgrade your existing finderscope with this TPO 8 X 50 right angle, image erect finder! The white finderscope sports optics with a 50 mm diameter for better light-gathering than a 30 mm finderscope, and the 8X power allows for a wide field of view while increasing the magnification to eight times more than your eyes can see. The right angle feature of the TPO 8X50 Finderscope lets you look down into the finder's eyepiece rather than straight through the barrel. Most people find this arrangement more comfortable on the back and neck, especially when looking at objects that are at or near zenith. Also, the TPO 8X50 Finderscope offers a correct image, which means objects will be right-side up. That is good news for those who wish to use their finderscope terrestrially.

    The TPO RAIC 8X50 Finder comes with its own single-ring bracket. Two over-sized thumbnail screws and one spring loaded positioner for quick and easy alignment. The base of the finder slides into the included base and locks into position. It is easy to remove the finder and bracket from your telescope when you put it away for the evening. Just slide the bracket out of the base, lock the thumbscrew back down so you don't lose it, and store the finder & bracket in your telescope accessory case.


    TPO Product Number: FSRA8X50

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeFinder Scope/ Right Angle
    Aperture50 mm (1.97")
    Base TypeQuick Relase Dovetail with an O Ring Finderscope Bracket
    Free ShippingYes
    Optical DesignRight Angle Image Correct
    Warranty2 Year Warranty

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Can this be used with the Meade 8"SCT?

      Yes, the included base will match up to the hole pattern on a Meade SCT where the finder bracket normally attaches.

    • How do the tips of the tripod legs keep from slipping out ? George.. Thanks.

      Hello George, Thank you for your question. The wheeley bars have 3 hole spaces on each of the bars for the tripod legs. Each of the tripod legs fit in these holes so the tripod will not slip off the platform.

    • what does it weigh?

      The Sky Prodigy 90 OTA weighs approx. 5lbs

    • What is the FOV of this finder?

      The manufacturer does not state this, but the field of view looks to be approximately 6 degrees wide based on a quick test in the OPT showroom.

    • Will the base work direct with a Celestron Evolution 9.25" SCT without any mods or aftermarket screws to bolt on to the OTA?

      Yes, the TPO 8x50 finder will attach the your Celestron 9.25 with the hardware included.

    • Can the diagonal be rotated to put the eyepiece at different positions?

      Unfortunately, no. The only way to rotate the angle of the eyepiece would be to rotate the entire finderscope as a unit in the included finder bracket.

    • Will the dovetail base work on a Celestron C6S SCT?

      The dovetail base will not fit an a Celestron 6" SCT right out of the box. You probably need to go to your local hardware store to get a longer flat head machine screw to bolt the base to the OTA.

    • will this product adapt to the mounting ring for the viewfinder of an ETX 90EC

      Unfortunately, no. The ring on the ETX 90EC is only for 21-25mm diameter finderscopes, so there is no way to attach a 9x50 finder in the same ring. There is no real way to attach a larger finder without modification of the ETX 90EC (adhesive, drilling h

    • what does it weigh?

      Richard, The finderscope weighs about 1.5 lbs. and we do have them in stock. Please call me at 800-483-6287 and I can help you with the order. Thanks. Steve

    • Will this mount on refractor hinged rings like Stellarvue for instance?

      Ray, I've been trying to find an adapter for the TPO finder but they don't really fit too well with the shoe on that bracket. I would just get the SV-R50E bracket for hinged rings. That will fit your hinged rings. We do have them in stock also. Pleas

    • Will this finder scope attach to the finder bracket that comes on Orion dobsonians without modification?

      The TPO 8x50 RA Finder will fit the Orion 50MM Finder-Brackets. Additionally, the finder includes both a compatible finder-bracket (which fits the Vixen-style finder-bracket shoe that Orion uses). Furthermore, the finder also includes a Vixen-style find

    • What kind of coatings are on the lenses?

      The manufacturer does not state the coating type, but it can be assumed to be some sort of magnesium fluoride (MgFl2) or similar anti-reflective coating.

    • Can you ship this item to México?

      Yes, we can ship this item to Mexico. For a shipping quote, please add the item to your cart on the website, choose Mexico as your country and enter your postal code.

    • Can you ship this item to México?

      Yes, we can ship this item to Mexico. For a shipping quote, please add the item to your cart on the website, choose Mexico as your country and enter your postal code.

    • Does the mount come with the tripod?

      Yes, the tripod is included with this mount.

    • Will this finder fit onto a Celestron C8 SCT without any additional equipment?

      Unfortunately, no. The hole pattern on the quick release does not match the hole pattern on the SCT. You will also need to purchase the Orion 7215 SCT finder base: to allow you to attach to y

    • Imaging circle 43 mm or 30 mm.? To be used with a Pentax 75 SDHF and SBIG STL 11000 Thanks

      The imaging circle on this reducer is aprroximately 30mm according to TeleVue, so it will not fully correct for a KAI-11002 based camera. In addition, you will need custom parts to adapt to the scope you have and there is no guarantee that you will be ab

    • will this mount on a celestron slt102 refractor?

      Yes, this finder bracket will fit the SLT finder base.

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