TPO (7) 85mm X 120mm - 200mm Eyepiece Case

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  • Threaded Eyepiece Case
  • 80mm Diameter
  • Length from 120mm to 200mm
  • Hex Shaped End to Prevent Rolling
  • Polypropylene Plastic

TPO (7) 85mm X 120mm - 200mm Eyepiece Case

For those of us who love observing with a telescope, it's not uncommon to put an eyepiece in a pocket or stick one in an accessory pouch. But, not every telescope eyepiece comes with a plastic case. Zippered plastic bags and the original cardboard box is fine for awhile, but they wear out and aren't always convenient. Stop now and protect your eyepiece investment with a threaded plastic eyepiece case from TPO!

If you want to help keep your Tele Vue 35mm Panoptics and 31mm Nagler eyepieces looking like new, these two-piece polypropylene twist-lock cases are the perfect protection. The injection molded polypropylene plastic resists hardening, yellowing and cracking over time. The length of the OPT threaded eyepiece cases is variable due to the unique twist-lock mechanism,. You simply twist the top piece down until your eyepiece is snug and secure.

The hexagon-shaped end prevents the TPO plastic eyepiece case from rolling around on an observing table or when stored loosely in your accessory case. These screw-top eyepiece cases are sturdy, and while not waterproof, are definitely water resistant. Help stop lint, fingerprints, dust, and dew from getting on your favorite telescope and spotting scope eyepieces!

This model has a diameter of 85mm, and varies in length from 120mm to 200mm. For best results, measure the widest portion of your eyepiece, as well as it's length, and choose accordingly. Common eyepieces that will fit in this case are: Tele Vue 35mm Panoptic and Tele Vue 31mm Nagler.


TPO Product Number: DP80120

Additional Information

Accessory TypeCases
Accessory TypeEyepiece Case
Case ClosureThreaded
Case Dimensions120mm to 200mm Long
Case Dimensions85mm Diameter
End Cap ShapeHexagon
Warranty2 Year Warranty

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  • Will this fit a 2" Tele Vue Powermate?

    Yes, though it is likely too large around and would need padding around the edges. Consider the 65mm diameter case as an alternative.