TPO 2-Inch to T-Thread Adapter

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TPO 2-Inch to T-Thread Adapter

The 2-inch to T-Thread Adapter by Third Planet Optics is custom machined and designed to fit all 2-inch focusers.

T-threads on the TPO 2-inch to T-Thread Adapter allow you to attach cameras (with proper T-ring) and other accessories. The barrel is threaded for 2-inch (48 mm) filters.

OPT Product Number: OS-A2T


Accessory TypeAdapters & Accessories
Adapter TypeT Adapter
Barrel Size2"
Free ShippingYes
Warranty2 Year Warranty


  • TPO 2-Inch to T-Thread Adapter

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  • Are the external threads (camera side) 2.150 x 24UN-2B? I need one to attach to my QSI690 with the 2.156 adapter plate. I also need to screw in my Astronomik CLS 2" filter (M48).

    No, the camera side threads are M42x0.75 T2 thread. You would instead want to look at the AP-A2558 nosepiece, which has 2.156"-24 threads and an M48 filter thread on the nosepiece end.

  • which t adapter do I need for a explore scientific 102mm and nikon d5100 dslr

    Depending on the back focus of your camera and the draw tube length, this item combined with the appropriate T-Ring will allow you to slip the camera into the back of a 2" slip fit system with either thumb screws or compression fitting.

  • Hello Chris! I´m a regular customer from OPT, and I have a Nightscape CCD Camera and I´d like to adapt the Astro-Physics CCD Telecompressor in this camera...the nosepiece which comes with this camera won´t fit...which adapter I´d have to use? Thanks a lot

    This adapter, the OS-A2T, will fit your Nightscape camera and will thread into the CCDT67 reducer. The camera is 23mm long, the OS-A2T is 37mm long, and the metal back distance of the CCDT67 is 16mm, so the total spacing is 76mm in this configuration, wh

  • Do you sell a T-ring for Pentax K mount cameras to use with this 2" adapter?

    We do! Here is the link" The part# is CE-94303.

  • What is this made of?

    The weights have at least some iron content as they affect a compass held closely. It could be steel like their counterweight shafts, but it is not stainless steel (though it is painted to avoid rusting). If a friend asks, just tell them it is made of th

  • Does this have the safety undercut on the barrel? The top picture is without undercut, the description picture shows an undercut.

    The current version of this adapter does not have an undercut. The manufacturer told us that the undercut was commonly causing damage to brass compression rings that were not sufficiently loosened before the adapter was pulled out of the scope/adapter. Wi