TPO 12" F/4 Truss Tube Imaging Newtonian Telescope - Discontinued

  • Aperture:12 inch (305mm)
  • Focal Ratio: f/4
  • Focal Length: 1220mm
  • Finderscope: 8x50
  • Only $60.00 for a Lifetime Warranty
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  • Regular price $1,975.50

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TPO 12" F/4 Truss Tube Imaging Newtonian Telescope - Discontinued

TPO's 12 inch Truss Tube Imaging Newtonian Reflector is a splendid example of a broad aperture, high speed imaging telescope ideal for wide field of view Deep Space astro imaging. It is fully compatible with cameras of most kinds, ranging from DSLR to Large Format CCD in terms of possible partners.

This 12 inch Truss Tube Imaging Newtonian was designed not only as a premier quality deep sky imaging instrument, but also to be capable of imaging and viewing objects within our own solar system. As the Imaging Newtonian's large secondary mirror was optimized for full-field photographic illumination, solar system visual contrast will be somewhat reduced compared to a longer f/ratio reflector with a smaller secondary. Yet even so, with minor adjustments it can perform just as splendidly in highly detailed planetary or lunar imaging as it does by nature in deep sky imaging.

Still, it's clear this scope is at its absolute finest when used for deep space astronomy- whether visual or imaging, as it excels in both when it comes to the farther and fainter reaches of the cosmos. With its highly polished and finely coated internal optics it promises truly high quality in its specialization, and due to that same quality it can also boast a high degree of adaptability when even minor accessories are applied to shift things more towards the closer reaches of space. All in all, this is a stellar choice for any astronomer, especially those interested in imaging.

This TPO 12 inch Imaging Newtonian boasts truly high quality optics which are the core of it's sheer capabilities in most astronomical fields. At an extremely broad 12 inch aperture and a blazingly fast for that aperture F/4 focal ratio, it's quite the beast of a scope. Both internal mirrors, primary and secondary, are ground and polished under computer control for guaranteed diffraction limited performance then coated with 91% reflectivity enhanced aluminum, and then coated again with a protective layer of quartz for long life.

This Truss Tube Optical Tube comes with several accessories as well. First and perhaps foremost, is a 2 inch dual speed linear bearing Crayford focuser. This heavy duty Crayford focuser has a 2 inch accessory holder, with a 1.25 inch accessory adapter, both designed with non-marring compression rings. The focuser has dual-speed focusing and makes use of two coarse focusing knobs for control. One knob has a smaller concentric knob with a 10:1 reduction gear microfine focusing ratio, thus providing exceptionally precise image control during important imaging. All focus knobs are ribbed for maximum ergonomics so as to be operable in any conditions. As an added feature to improve on the basic Crayford design, the focuser implemented with this Truss Tube features a polished stainless steel drive rail that runs the length of the underside of the drawtube. The focuser's stainless steel drive shaft presses on this drive rail to move the focuser as opposed to directly pushing against the aluminum drawtube with the steel shaft- which is the process used in traditional crayfords, and which damages them. This change greatly expands the lifespan of this telescope.

The steel drive in question rides in a self-lubricating track that runs almost the full length of the focuser body. This supports the drive rail and its attached drawtube at all times, as opposed to a conventional Crayford focuser's two sets of small contact area roller bearings. This system manages to distribute the force over the entire drawtube, unlike the traditional design which focuses it on a few specific spots and causes flexure and wear. This system will never experience flexure or wear, much less uneven flat spots or other uneven wear. The focusers drawtube is marked out for all 51mm of travel in both inches and milimeters with a focusing scale on top of it, providing an easy guideline to use to return to the correct focus each night after marking it down the first time you found it- saving tons of time!

Another fine accessory included with this scope is the 8x50 finderscope that is standard to all TPO Imaging Newtonians. This straight-through achromatic finderscope has a dark crosshair and a spring-loaded quick-release mounting bracket. It also has a luxuriously comfortable 13mm of eye relief.

Two 17-5/16 inch long Losmandy-style D-plate dovetails are installed on the Imaging Newtonian. One is used to mount the Imaging Newtonian on any equatorial mount of your choice that has a sufficient payload capacity to carry the 51 lb scope and any imaging accessories you might add. The second is available to mount a photoguide scope or other accessories. Because of the 51 pound weight of the Imaging Newtonian, plus the weight of your ancillary camera equipment and any photoguide scope, installing the Imaging Newtonianon on a German equatorial mount with a 90 pound or greater payload capacity is recommended. Such mounts include the 90 pound capacity Celestron CGE Pro and the 100 pound capacity Losmandy HGM Titan. We provide several such mounts and numerous others capable of sustaining this splendid scope's hefty weight!

Why not treat yourself then? This is definitely one of the better available scopes on the market right now, with a sturdy and dependable body, the finest of optics, and high quality built in accessories. You'll definitely be happy with your purchase of this stellar example of an optical system, whether you intend to use it as-is for your adventures in the deepest, darkest reaches of the cosmos available, or make some minor changes for a view closer to home.


TPO Product Number: 12IN-TT


Aperture305 mm (12")
Finder Included8 x 50 Optical Finder
Focal Length1220 mm
Focal Ratiof/4
Free ShippingYes
Mounting PlatesD Plate Dovetail/ 17 and 5/16" Long/ Two
Optical DesignNewtonian
Telescope SeriesTPO Imaging Newtonian


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