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Teleskop Service Thin Off-Axis Guider - M48/T2

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Teleskop Service Thin Off-Axis Guider - M48/T2

Teleskop Service Thin Off Axis Guider - M48/T2

The TS Off Axis Guider has only a 9mm optical length - the shortest OAG by TS. It's ideal for all telescopes with short back focus or for flattener / corrector combinations. It works with large aperture - suitable even for 35mm sensors and very versatile

Guiding using an off-axis-guider has many advantages. You do not need a guiding scope (= less load for the mount) and guiding accuracy increases because threre's no flexure between main- and guiding scope. Addtional errors like mirror shifts are corrected, too.

Main charecteristics of the TSOAG9:

  • extremely short back focus: only 9 mm from the 2" barrel to the T2 thread on the camera side
  • large free aperture (45 mm). Even bigger camera sensors can be used without vignetting
  • very versatile due to a wide variety of adaptation options on both sides
  • off-axis port can be focused independently from the main camera
  • the prism's position can be shifted - for a wider field to find guiding stars

The short design TSOAG9:

Our TSOAG9 is very short. So it can be used even with short back-focus systems. It can be combined with correctors, too: The corrected star image will be used for guiding and the guiding accuracy is increased accordingly.

Technical details of the TSOAG9:

  • optical length with 2" telescope receptacle: 9mm (2" nosepiece TSVF230 needed aditionally)
  • optical length with M48 telescope receptacle: 11.2mm
  • telescope side: very short 2" nosepiece and M48 x 0.75 fem. thread
  • camera side: T2 (M42x0.75) male thread (adapter rotatable by 3x 120)
  • free aperture: 45mm
  • distance prism to T2 guiding port: 26mm - 38mm
  • distance prism to OAG front side: 6.7mm
  • distance prism to OAG back side: 4.5mm

Adapting the TSOAG9 to your telescope:

One of the OAG9's big advantages is its wide range of adaptation options. You can attach it to nearly any telescope system:

  • Adaptation to 2": Adapter TSVF230
  • Adaptation to M48: included in standard delivery
  • Adaptation to T2: BA2458110
  • Adaptation to SC thread: TSSC-M48
  • Adaptation to TeleVue Paracorr: TSTV-M48A
  • Adaptation to Vixen Reducer for VMC and VC Cassegrains: TSViRed-M48

Adapting the TSOAG 9 to your camera:

  • Adaptation to T2 (M42x0.75): included
  • Adaptation to M48: TSOAG9-M48
  • Adaptation to M42x1: TSOAG8-M42

With a short addtional T2 adapter, you can rotate your camera: TST2WE

The guiding port with its T2 thread allows attaching all common auto guiders. They can be focused by moving the T2 connector.

  • T2: included in standard delivery
  • Adaptation to 1": TST2-1-T2s
  • Adaptation to C-Mount: T2-Cs

Recommended auto guiders:

Because of its extremely short design, the OAG9 cannot be rotated freely (3 positions in 120 steps are possible). Therefore the range of suitable guiding stars is a little bit limited. So you need a sensitive autoguider. These auto guiders have been tested by us successfully:

  • Starlight Xpress LODESTAR
  • Moravian G0-0300
  • Lacerta M-Gen (Stand Alone - no computer needed)

Teleskop Service Product Number: TSOAG92T


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