Teleskop Service Thin Off-Axis Guider - M48/EOS

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  • Teleskop Service Thin Off-Axis Guider - M48/EOS

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    Teleskop Service Thin Off-Axis Guider - M48/EOS

    Teleskop Service Thin Off Axis Guider - M48/EOS

    The TS Off Axis Guider has only a 9mm optical length - the shortest OAG by TS. It's ideal for all telescopes with short back focus or for flattener / corrector combinations. It works with large aperture - suitable even for 35mm sensors and very versatile

    Guiding using an off-axis-guider has many advantages. You do not need a guiding scope (= less load for the mount) and guiding accuracy increases because there's no flexure between main- and guiding scope. Addtional errors like mirror shifts are corrected, too.

    Main characteristics of the TSOAG9:

    • Extremely short back focus: only 9 mm from the 2" barrel to the T2 thread on the camera side
    • Large free aperture (45 mm). Even bigger camera sensors can be used without vignetting
    • Very versatile due to a wide variety of adaptation options on both sides
    • Off-axis port can be focused independently from the main camera
    • The prism's position can be shifted - for a wider field to find guiding stars

    The short design TSOAG9:

    Our TSOAG9 is very short. So it can be used even with short back-focus systems. It can be combined with correctors, too: The corrected star image will be used for guiding and the guiding accuracy is increased accordingly.

    Technical details of the TSOAG9:

    • Optical length with 2" telescope receptacle: 9mm (2" nose piece TSVF230 needed additionally)
    • Optical length with M48 telescope receptacle (optional): 11.2mm
    • Telescope side: very short 2" nose piece and M48 x 0.75 fem. thread
    • Camera side: T2 (M42x0.75) male thread (adapter rotatable by 3x 120)
    • Free aperture: 45mm
    • Distance prism to T2 guiding port: 26mm - 38mm
    • Distance prism to OAG front side: 6.7mm
    • Distance prism to OAG back side: 4.5mm

    Adapting the TSOAG9 to your telescope:

    One of the OAG9's big advantages is its wide range of adaptation options. You can attach it to nearly any telescope system:

    • Adaptation to 2": Adapter TSVF230
    • Adaptation to M48: included in standard delivery
    • Adaptation to T2: BA2458110
    • Adaptation to SC thread: TSSC-M48
    • Adaptation to TeleVue Paracorr: TSTV-M48A
    • Adaptation to Vixen Reducer for VMC and VC Cassegrains: TSViRed-M48

    Adapting the TSOAG 9 to your camera:

    • Adaptation to T2 (M42x0.75): included
    • Adaptation to M48: TSOAG9-M48
    • Adaptation to M42x1: TSOAG8-M42

    With a short addtional T2 adapter, you can rotate your camera: TST2WE

    The guiding port with its T2 thread allows attaching all common auto guiders. They can be focused by moving the T2 connector.

    • T2: included in standard delivery
    • Adaptation to 1": TST2-1-T2s
    • Adaptation to C-Mount: T2-Cs

    Recommended auto guiders:

    Because of its extremely short design, the OAG9 cannot be rotated freely (3 positions in 120 steps are possible). Therefore the range of suitable guiding stars is a little bit limited. So you need a sensitive autoguider. These auto guiders have been tested by us successfully:

    • Starlight Xpress LODESTAR
    • Moravian G0-0300
    • Lacerta M-Gen (Stand Alone - no computer needed)

    Teleskop Service Product Number: TSOAG9EOS

    The image shows the 9EOS thin off-axis guider on a camera, which is sold separately.

    Additional Information

    ManufacturerTeleskop Service

    Questions & Answers

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    • I use a canon dslr with a baader mpcc (coma corrector) and a light pollution filter which screws in the coma corrector. Would this off axis guider work for me? My guide camera is a meade dsi. Thank you for any information. If this would work with my eq

      Yes, this will work as long as you add a T2-M48 adapter to step up from the MPCC male T2 to the larger M48 female thread on the OAG. The DSI will attach to the T2 thread on the OA

    • Is there a similar product to Nikon 810A?

      Unfortunately, Nikon F mount cameras have a longer flange to focal distance than a Canon EOS camera. Because of this, there isn't enough room to make ab OAG and maintain 55mm of back focus. Depending on the optical system that you are using, it is possibl

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