The Mistress Observatory Package- Discontinued

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The Mistress Observatory Package- Discontinued

The Mistress is a full scale observatory setup suitable for any astrophotography application you could care to name or consider, providing the highest level of performance. It is a high level system that provides superb quality in all kind of imaging pursuits, and is a perfect core for any personal observatory. The CDK 17" from Planewave is a monster of a telescope, capturing an immense amount of light with near perfect quality and precision; and the Apogee Alta F9000 ensures that none of the light your telescope has gathered is wasted. The 16000 GTO from Astro-Physics is a mount like few others, and is perfectly suited to handling the immensity of the CDK 17". The included dome is just the icing on the cake, encapsulating the entire package as a whole.

This provides a solid core, but you may desire additional products to add to your home observatory, such as control software or an outbuilding. Please feel free to contact us directly to work out the details on your perfect dream observatory, whether as a weekend retreat or remotely controlled image factory. Our number is 1-800-483-6287, and TJ's extension is 115 if you'd like to talk directly to the man responsible for designing this package.