The Amateur Telescope Making Journal - Volume 2 - NOT AVAILABLE -

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The Amateur Telescope Making Journal - Volume 2 - NOT AVAILABLE -

The Amateur Telescope Making Journal - Volume 2

Are you interesting in knowing how to build your own telescope? Then here's your guide. This second half of a two-volume set consists of 18 issues of The Amateur Telescope Making Journal, containing information from more than 130 articles. Inside are countless suggestion for telescope construction and testing - supported by hundreds of diagrams and photographs. You'll be grinding mirrors and building mounts in no time!

Inside you'll find information on, A 22-Inch Portable Telescope, Choosing a Wide-Field Telescope, Making Large Thin Mirrors, An Experimental Portable Observatory, Mirror Making and Testing Hints, Mirror-O-Matic Polisher/Grinder, Digital Knife-Edge Test Reduction, Design and Construction of a Modern Herschelian, Scrap Parts and the Life of the ATM, Figuring a Schmidt Corrector, A General-Purpose Yolo You Can Build, Evolution of a 10 x 70 Binocular, Test Methods for Elliptical and Spherical TCT Mirrors, An 8-inch Siderostat Refractor, An Ultralight Portable Dobsonian, The Multi-Schiefspiegler, A Binocular Singlet Refractor, Phase Contrast Testing, A Flat Tester Right Under Your Nose, A Portable Polar Siderostat and Lurie Anastigmats. Additionally, both volumes provide coverage of various meetings featuring telescope making---such as Stellafane, Astrofest and the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference.

From the Sky and Telescope Review:

"These books are jam-packed with all kinds of information on all kinds of telescope-making subjects. Volume 1 alone includes topics as diverse as the history of amateur telescope making in Australia, phase-contrast testing, and baffling a Newtonian reflector."

". . . The Best of Amateur Telescope Making Journal is not for the rank beginner, who is likely to find the amassed esoterica confusing and intimidating. Nor is it for someone seeking basic instruction on grinding a mirror for a Newtonian reflector or for building a standard Dobsonian telescope. These books are the literary equivalent of a telescope maker's junk box'a prized collection of bits and pieces squirreled away on the assumption that they will one day be useful for something."

". . . it's a glorious mess of interesting and useful information that every active telescope maker should have on his or her bookshelf."

Page for page, The Amateur Telescope Making Journal - Volume 2 is considered one of the all around finest volumes on the hobby. Get yours today!