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1000 Oaks Oxygen III (OIII) Filter - 2" Round Mounted

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1000 Oaks Oxygen III (OIII) Filter - 2" Round Mounted

Thousand Oaks Optical Filters

The Thousand Oaks Optical product line expands to include nebula filters created with the most current standard in multi-layer coating technology. Known as Ion Beam Sputtering, dielectric films of variable thickness can be applied in up to 200 layers to a single substrate and the less complex design results in significant improvements in transmission and broad spectrum blocking. The result? Brighter images and darker backgrounds on a filter far more resistant to environmental conditions. Thousand Oaks Nebulae Filters will include both Broad and Narrowband filters, Oxygen III (OIII), H-Beta and Minus Violet. 

Step up to legendary filter quality... Thousand Oaks Optical. 

Thousand Oaks Filters Features...
  • Machined aluminum cells in 1.25 inch and 2 inch diameters.
  • Significantly improved filter lifetime.
  • 560 Angstrom passband for visual use on emission nebulae.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
    Thousand Oaks Optical Product Number: LP-348


    Accessory TypeOxygen III
    Filter MountedMounted
    Filter Side Adapter SizeRound
    ManufacturerThousand Oaks
    WarrantyNot Supplied By Manufacturer