Telrad Replacement Reticle

Brand: Telrad

SKU : TR-3001

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  • Telrad Replacement Reticle


    This Telrad Replacement Reticle is to replace damaged or worn Telrad reticles for the Telrad Finder. Easy to install while on the field and once installed it brings your Telrad Reticle back to life!

    If you are not familiar with Telrad, please allow us to introduce you to the original reflex finder. The Telrad finder is one of the most useful telescope accessories that you will ever use. The Telrad finder projects red concentric circles upon a plane of clear plastic that makes it appear as though there is a bull's eye on the night sky. Almost every Dobsonian telescope being used today sports a Telrad reflex site, and many other types of telescopes feature a Telrad as their finder. There are many reflex finders on the market, but there is only one Telrad!

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