TeleVue Gibraltar HD5 Mount with SkyTour

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TeleVue Gibraltar HD5 Mount with SkyTour

The Gibraltar HD5 Mount with Sky Tour by Tele Vue:

This is a package kit of the Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Mount, and the Sky Tour Mount Computer; a high value pairing of two excellent Tele Vue products together as one!

First, let's look at the mount and tripod: A high-quality pairing of the remarkably sturdy and solidly built Gibraltar HD tripod with a notably larger and heavier Alt-Az head designed for use with 5-inch telescopes, the Gibraltar HD5 is as high quality as any of it's kind. With a head a full inch wider than the original Tele-Pod version, larger bearings, and cradle holes designed to mesh with the Tele Vue Np127 base plate and any other Tele Vue telescopes, it can be said to be an all around up scaled design from the HD4.

Of course, with the large bearing surfaces and thick wood legs of the Gibraltar HD Tripod, the increased weight of a larger and heavier head is a non-issue; the load is handled ideally, distributed through the strongly built tripod. The leg extensions raise the altitude axis to 5 feet, remaining ideally sized for use with the Tele Vue Air-Chair observing stool. Furthermore, if you look closely at the legs you'll note scales; perfect for ensuring that you can repeatedly set it to the same desired height. The wooden accessory tray in the middle ties the legs together, adding another layer of stability and reinforcement to the tripod, and the built in pier allows for easy high altitude viewing. Finally, there is a bubble-level integrated into the tripod base- in conjunction with the rubber tipped metal ground spikes, these features grant an added level of stability when mounted on soft ground.

Meanwhile, the Sky Tour is a high-quality mount computer, giving you the ability to accurately and precisely locate celestial objects; aligning the mount to aim the telescope at them as you see fit, and tracking them as they slowly dance across the heavens. The controller that links to the sky tour is easy to set up with a 2-star alignment process which allows you to choose the mode and utilize whatever information you garner from the controller to either manually move the scope to the objects you're interested in, identify nearby objects you aren't familiar with, or simply give you a smooth tour of what is visible on any given night. While certainly not a traditional 'GoTo' system, there are encoders included specifically to keep an accurate track of the changing orientation of the scope, allowing for real-time updates on coordinates as things change. What is more, any object you know the location of can have the relevant data; that is, the location, entered and the Sky Tour will tell you precisely where to move the scope to locate it. Furthermore, the Sky Tour's usability can be expanded by allowing it to interface with the TheSky Astronomy Program from software Bisque- as the Sky Tour Mount Computer is capable of connecting to a TheSky equipped pocket PC, Windows, or Apple computer. Doing so allows it to take advantage of the software's notably expanded database.

Tele Vue Gibraltar HD5 Mount with Sky Tour:

  • Solid Wooden Construction
  • Built in Pier
  • For use with 5-inch telescopes
  • Accepts all accessories
  • Metal Ground Spikes w/ Rubber tips ensure stability in soft ground
  • Altitude axis of 5-feet
  • Hyper Stable
  • Display: One-line 10 Character red LED
  • RA: 1 arc minute resolution
  • Dec: 0.1-degree resolution
  • Slew Rate: 160-degree/sec
  • Over 2000 objects stored in database
  • A stock of 110 Messier objects in Database
  • Select NGC, IC, and Non standard objects in Database
  • Select Stars, colored double and multiple, all stored in Database
  • 31 Alignment stars stored in Database
  • 8 planets stored in Database
  • Room for 99 user-defined objects in Database
  • Battery Type: 9V DC
  • SkyTour Computer Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.6 x 1.1-inch/ 7.1 x 11.7 x 2.8 cm
  • Sky Tour Computer Weight: 6-ounce, or 170 g, including battery weight


OPT Product Number: TE-G5S-5018


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Accessory TypeMount and Tripod
ManufacturerTele Vue

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