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Teleskop Service M42 T2 Variable Extension

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Teleskop Service M42 T2 Variable Extension

Teleskop Service 20.5 mm - 30 mm Variable Extension Tube

This T2 (M42 x 0.75) variable extension tube consists of three parts:

  • The base with deep male T2 threads
  • A small counter ring with knurled edges for locking the chosen extension in place
  • A section with Female T2 threads

The Teleskop Service T2 Variable Extension allows you to fine tune the focusing distance when using field flatteners or focal reducers. The minimum length of the variable extension is 20.5 mm, and the maximum is 30 mm. You can make fine adjustments between these two points as necessary for your set-up. The thread is M42 x 0.75, which is internationally used for T2 accessories.


Accessory TypeExtensions
ManufacturerTeleskop Service