Teleskop Service Flattener for 6" - 16" GSO RCs

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Teleskop Service Flattener for 6" - 16" GSO RCs

Teleskop Service Flattener for 6"- 16" GSO RCs

This RC corrector by TS Optics offers optimal field correction and -illumination for sensors up to 45mm diagonal.

  • No influence on the focal length
  • Generous working distance of 109mm from the M48 thread
  • Anti-reflective multi coatings
  • Direct connection of off-axis-guiders etc. with M48x0.75 thread
  • Easy adaption - fits directly into the 2" focuser

For which combinations is the RC corrector recommended?

When the camera's sensor diagonal is larger than 25mm, we recommend this flattener.

Technical details:
  • Multi-coated corrector with blackened lens edges
  • No focal reduction
  • Telescope side connection thread: M48x0.75 female
  • Camera side connection: M48x0.75 male
  • Free aperture: 45mm (much more than T2)
  • Outer diameter: 2" (fits directly into 2" focusers)
  • Back focus (distance from camera thread to focal plane): 109mm ( 2%)

Teleskop Service Product Number: RCKORREKTOR


ManufacturerTeleskop Service