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Tele Vue Visual / Imaging System Adapter (VISA)

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Tele Vue Visual / Imaging System Adapter (VISA)

The Tele Vue TE-AVI-3200 Visual/Imaging System Adapter (TE-AVI-3200) allows you to attach a Tunable Top (model TE-ATT-2125) by Tele Vue to a Big Paracorr Type 2 (TE-VIP-3010).

For dual-purpose photo/visual scopes, a TE-AVI-3200 "VISA" adapter (Visual/Imaging System Adapter) accepts the Tunable Top from the standard Tele Vue 2-inch Paracorr Type-2 (TE-VIP-2010). The 2-inch format is fine visually since secondary mirror size limits maximum exit pupil diameter to around 7 mm. The widest true field eyepiece choice with an f/3 is therefore the Tele Vue 21 mm Ethos which delivers a 6.1 mm exit pupil at f/3.45.


For imaging with DSLR or CCD Cameras, if you have a 35 mm format DLSR or CCD camera, this "VISA" Adapter accepts the Tele Vue Imaging System accessories.

This Visual/Imaging System Adapter is precision made from aluminum and black anodized. It is easy to attach to your Paracorr and imaging equipment.


OPT Product Number: TE-AVI-3200



Accessory TypeAdapters & Extensions
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ManufacturerTele Vue