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Tele Vue Paracorr Type 2

SKU : TE-VIP-2010

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Product Details

  • The Televue Paracorr Type 2 after the original Paracorr (parabola corrector) was developed in 2010 and made specifically to pair with newer 'ladder-less' ultra fast, f/3-f/4 Dobsonian telescopes, now Tele Vue brings you the newest evolution in Paracorr correction.

    Coma makes stars look like blurry comets whose tails point out radially from the center of the field. The faster your scope's speed, the worse the effect. All parabolic mirrors used in Newtonian reflecting telescopes are limited in field sharpness due to coma. Even a perfectly made 13-inch" f/4.5 parabola has only about 0.1 degree diffraction limited field. Previous attempts to correct for coma have been limited in usefulness. Some correctors were designed mainly for astrophotography. Dedicated coma correcting eyepieces were another approach. However, these were limited to 50 degree apparent fields and would orphan your existing eyepiece collection. The Tele Vue Paracorr is a universal corrector that tightens and intensifies star images on all f-ratios from f/3 to f/4 without adding any false color or spherical aberration! You no longer have to constantly shift a Dobsonian to keep objects centered for sharp viewing. While using a Tele Vue eyepiece, place M-13 at the edge of the field and your can now enjoy resolving its beauty as it drifts across your view. The Tele Vue Visual Paracorr is easy to use. It slips into your focuser, just like a Barlow. To minimize focuser in-travel, due to additional length, a mild 15 percent Barlow-effect was designed into the Paracorr to effectively push the focus out. A Paracorr is recommended for use with all Tele Vue eyepieces because our Plossls, Radians, Panoptics, Naglers, and Ethos achieve higher levels of aberration correction than competitive models. However, the Paracorr is also compatible with other eyepiece makes. The Paracorr Type 2 is both a visual and photographic corrector and is compatible with Televue imaging systems. Try a Paracorr on your "DobNewt." We think you'll agree that the revolution is complete! As you've read, all Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes can benefit from using a Televue Paracorr (Parabola Corrector) to eliminate coma in the image. One aspect to optimizing this correction is the distance of the eyepieces focus point (field stop location) to the last surface of the Paracorr lens (within a small +/- tolerance of course). Typical eyepieces used with fast Newtonians can have field stop locations differing by as much as half an inch.

    Words From Al Nagler About the Televue Visual Paracorr:

    "I have built Newtonian reflectors since my high school days and still enjoy observing with my 12" f/5.3. Knowing how the Nagler eyepiece complemented fast Dobsonians and Newtonians by removing eyepiece induced astigmatism, I now became intolerant of the inherent defect of coma in a parabolic mirror. I decided to try to achieve the same field quality for parabolas as reached by my Nagler eyepiece and 4-element refractor designs. Existing coma correctors seemed to be limited in color correction, spherical aberration and convenience in use. Paracorr (parabola corrector) uses 2 multi-coated, high index doublets, is completely color-free - center and edge, and installs like a Barlow. Coma is corrected so well, the diffraction limited field area of an f/4.5 Dob/Newt is increased 36 times!" -Al Nagler OPT Product Number: TE-VIP-2010 All Televue products are available to ship world-wide from OPT, and effective July 1, 2008, are covered by a Five Year Worldwide Limited Product Warranty! Always be sure to save your original packaging materials should you need to return any Televue product for warranty or repair.



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    Frank S.
    If you own a Dobsonian this is a "must have" buy for BOTH visual and Astrophotography purposes!

    I've had mine for over a year and a half and could not live without it. Once you use it you can't go back. No coma, flat field for the widest deep sky objects and the images that you get using a color CCD are amazing. Totally scalable depending on the eyepieces used. Clear precise and crisp stars throughout. They update the website with new settings for newer eyepieces so you will always be able to adjust properly for the eyepiece you are using. Tele View support is great if you have questions as well as all the technicians at OPT.

    United States
    Works well, but don't forget the T-Ring adapter

    The Paracorr corrector works very well on my 8" f/5 Newtonian telescope. Images appear crisp, with no coma present. The slight Barlow effect also makes it possible to get to prime focus with my DSLR on a standard visual Newtonian (vs needing one designed for imaging). When ordering, don't forget to get the separate TeleVue T-ring adapter. It is needed to attach the paracorr to a standard T-ring, and was not mentioned when I chatted with OPT support about the product.

    United States
    Fast service

    Arrived just 2 days after ordering! Very good service. (Have not had an opportunity to use it yet, so no product review.)