Tele Vue Large Field Corrector

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  • Tele Vue Large Field Corrector

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    Tele Vue Large Field Corrector

    Televue Large Field Corrector

    The Televue Large Field Corrector, which optimizes edge-of-field performance, is made expressly for NP101is and NP127is. It is recommended for imaging applications incorporating 35mm and larger CCD sensors.

    TeleVue Product Number: -LCL-1069

    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeComa Corrector
    ManufacturerTele Vue
    Warranty5 Year Warranty

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    • What is the back focus requirement for this field flattener? Are field flatteners telescope specific or just focal ratio specific? I'm wondering if I find one that gives me more BF if I can use it even though from a different company than my scope.

      The LCL1069 is actually an astigmatism corrector for 4 lens fast ~f/5.4 Petzvals, not a standard field flattener, so it would not be usable on scopes of a different design or focal ratio. The back focus after the LCL is ~61.5mm. Field flatteners are t