Tele Vue 2-inch to 1.25-inch High Hat Adapter - Satin Black

Brand: Tele Vue

SKU : TE-ASF-8125

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  • Televue 2" to 1.25" High-Hat Adapter ASF-8125 - Satin Black Finish

    Do you need a step down adapter to mate your 1.25" eyepieces with your 2" focuser or star diagonal? Is using a long barlow lens a little scary because it might touch the diagonal mirror? Then you need the Televue High Hat Adapter. The Televue High Hat Adapter was designed for the use of a long barlow lens and prevents the end of the barlow from contacting the diagonal mirror surface. It reduces any 2" initial assembly to accept any 1.25" occular. The Televue High Hat Adapter also has a precision machined groove to capture the focuser's set screw and help prevent any accidents from occurring should the focuser thumbscrew become loosened. What's more, a non-marring compression ring is built right in so you'll never scratch the barrel of your good eyepieces! The Tele Vue High Hat Adapter is specially designed with a high rise head to keep Tele Vue Barlows and Powermateƒ??????????’?????????? amplifiers away from the diagonal mirror. Please note that Televue does not put 2" filter threads in their 2" to 1.25" adapters. The reason is to avoid damaging your expensive 2" filter when you drop an 1.25" eyepiece in without thinking. Also, if you have a Newtonian reflector, or plan to use the Tele Vue Paracorr, 2" Powermate or 2" Big Barlow, you will need the Televue Flat Top Adapter, which allows closer placement of the eyepiece. Televue Product Number: ASF-8125
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