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Tele Vue Bino Vue Binocular Viewer & Amplifier

SKU : TE-BVP-2002

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Product Details

  • Tele Vue - Bino Vue Binocular Viewer

    Are you ready for the binocular viewer experience? The Moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae and comets spring to amazing dimensions when you use two eyes instead of one! You'll see up to 40% more detail with a binoviewers and old objects will become new again...

    The Tele Vue Bino Vue is a straight-through binoviewer which is designed to fit directly into the 1.25" focuser of your reflector, refractor or SCT... and works in a star diagonal as well. The BinoVue's long 5.1" internal light path allows it to achieve focus far easier than other binoviewers and it includes a 2x image amplifier. Similar to a barlow lens, the amplifier is used to properly position the image when used with reflectors and refractors that don't ordinarily have enough back focus. Using the Televue Binovue means double the magnification, so keep this in mind when choosing eyepieces. The Binovue's amplifier can also be removed when using an catadioptric style scope and still offers an additional 25" increase in focal length.

    All 1.25" eyepieces will work in the Televue BinoVue BVP-2004, but for best performance, chose those of identical make and focal length. Simply insert them into the Binovue and tighten the knurled rings. Internal compression rings hold your 1.25" eyepiece safely in place! Because no extra diopter adjustment is included, you simply slide the eyepiece in or out to achieve separate focus, re-tighten the compression ring and you're ready for an incredible binoviewing experience!

    "At Tele Vue, the driving force has been to get as close to the contrast, resolution and field of the most remarkable instrument of all: the human eye. While always respecting the need for viewing comfort, convenience and value, we have broken through conventional barriers to bring you eyepieces and telescopes with performance dramatically closer to our "spacewalk viewing" goal. A major limitation has been the lack of binocular viewing. The night sky with one eye closed is missing a lot. Open both eyes and see the dramatic improvement in resolution, contrast, faint star detection and viewing comfort. All this plus an illusion of depth. Yes, your brain loves two eyed viewing, even when it's not true stereo. Open your eyes and mind to Bino Vue..." --Al Nagler

    There are a few things to note about the TeleVue BinoVue. When the image amplifier is removed, some ghosting may occur when bright objects are just outside the field of view - but changing eye placement will eliminate the effect. If coupled with a 2" diagonal and 1.25" adapter, you must be careful to make sure the BinoVue isn't inserted to full depth or it may touch mirror. Rough treatment or dropping the BinoVue may cause its prisms to get out of collimation, giving double images - a situation not covered by TeleVue's 5 year warranty. Their manufacturer information states: "Disturbance of collimation is usually evidence of abuse. It is warranted at the discretion of TeleVue. Please handle BinoVue carefully."

    "Finally, Tele Vue tests the collimation and image quality of each unit. This time and labor intensive operation is essential for a binocular viewer used in planetary magnifications. Collimation is critical and delicate. Tele Vue has the facility and expertise to service the Bino Vue should it be required. You always have that assurance with Tele Vue." -- Al Nagler

    Astronomy magazine's review of Bino Vue concluded that, "...Bino Vue sits in a league of it's own among binocular viewers...looking at the open cluster M11, my mind shaped the view into a 3-D spattering of tiny star points..."

    Televue - Bino Vue Binocular Viewer Features

    • Internal compression rings hold your eyepieces safely.
    • BinoVue uses the largest, high quality prism available!
    • See more details than ever before...
    • Lifetime TeleVue warranty.
    OPT Product Number: TE-BVP-2004

    Customer Note: As of 1/1/12, Tele Vue has extended its warranty on eyepieces, barlows, powermates and parracors from 5 years to a LIFETIME warranty! This will be effective on sales on 1/1 moving forward only and is not retroactive in any way. The warranty will still cover optical performance, optical coatings, optical cementing, plus mechanical components and operation of the product. This warranty still applies to the original owner and a dated proof of purchase must accompany any warranty repair claim.
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