Tele Vue Bandmate OIII Filter - 1.25" Round Mounted - DISCONTINUED

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Tele Vue Bandmate OIII Filter - 1.25" Round Mounted - DISCONTINUED

The Bandmate OIII Filter - 1.25-Inch by Tele Vue:

The Tele Vue BandMate OIII filter particularly enhances planetary nebulae in larger telescopes and improves nebula in general by enhancing the "forbidden" lines of doubly ionized oxygen. What's more the Tele Vue BandMate OIII filter narrowband filter promotes high transmission, with high blocking of unwanted longer wavelengths to yield high-contrast images. 

Thanks to ion beam technology and high quality optical glass the Tele Vue BandMate OIII filter produces low scatter in a hard stable coating to reduce changes due to temperature and humidity. The optical quality ground and polished BK7 glass yields sharp star images, even when filter is placed in front of diagonal. When you buy Tele Vue, you're assured of 100-percent quality control: Every filter is checked optically and cosmetically to assure performance and individually serialized.

Product Number: TE-BFO-0125




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  • Description says for large telescopes. Does it block too much light to be useful for small apertures? What is the smallest aperture recommended to use this filter with? Thx.

    Generally speaking, OIII filters work best on telescopes with 8" or larger aperture. Below 8", a UHC filter is recommended to allow a little more light through.