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Tele Vue Advanced TelePod Mount - Complete - DISCONTINUED

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Tele Vue Advanced TelePod Mount - Complete - DISCONTINUED

Tele Vue Advanced TelePod Mount & Tripod

The Tele Vue TelePod is a complete, lightweight telescope mount system with smooth alt-az functioning and Sky Tour object locating proficiency. Ideal for smaller, more compact refractors.

Height may be adjusted from 28" to 62". Three section aluminum tripod legs are black anodized, coated in foam, and have rubber-tipped feet. A special space conserving center column allows the legs to fold closer to each other.

The self-sufficient TelePod head is prepared to accept Sky Tour computers and adapts to any camera tripod that has either a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 stud. It has the highest portability of any DSC mount head currently available. The Tele Vue Eyepiece Caddy Set is highly recommended because the TelePod mount & tripod does not include an accessory tray.

Tele Vue Product Number: TPM-2015