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Optec TCF-Leo with 3-Inch Split-Clamp Mount Drawtube for Wynne Correctors

SKU : OP-19745

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Product Details

  • The TCF-Leo with 3-Inch Split-Clamp Mount Drawtube for Wynne Correctors.

    Includes a special replacement drawtube for TCF-Leo 3-inch focuser to fit large Wynne Correctors allowing adjustments for spacing between corrector and primary mirror. (No image available at this time)


    OP-19745-No HC

    The TCF-Leo is the newest in their line of temperature compensating focusers.  This thin low-profile focuser has a minimum thickness of only 1.25-inches and 0.35-inches of travel or about 9 mm. 

    This TCF-Leo will help many imagers struggling with minimal back-focus on scopes such as the Celestron EdgeHD C1100.  It is designed to fit between the mirror lock-knobs on the C-11HD and will work well with the Innovation Foresight On-Axis Guider as well as the large Perseus 3-inch port. 


    This 3-inch focuser is for telescope installations where back-focus is at a premium.  With the width of a typical 1.25-inch eyepiece, the TCF-Leo provides a unique focusing solution for the Celestron EdgeHD and other telescopes with limited flange-to-focus distances.  The proven FocusLynx control system is included with every TCF-Leo and can be expanded to provide control for a second focuser.  The Optional Gemini Hand Controller can be included with an additional charge (#OP-19752).

    The unique shape of the TCF-Leo is designed to fit neatly between the lock and focus knobs of the Celestron EdgeHD C-11 telescope OTA.  With a center-to-edge distance of about 2.2-inches (55 mm), the TCF-Leo works exceptionally well with Innovation Foresight's On-Axis Guider, providing clearance for large cameras and filter wheels above either of the flat edges of the TCF-Leo.  Additionally, the it's 3600 receiver fits directly on to the large 3-inch port of the Perseus Instrument Selector for ultra-fine focus of a large format camera. 

    For owners of an EdgeHD C1400 telescope, we offer a set of replacement knobs for the original lock knobs which provide clearance for the TCF-Leo.  Item #OP-19792 Sure-Lock Mirror Support Clutch upgrade includes two brass replacement lock knobs that are easily installed without tools.


    With standard Optec interfaces on both telescope and camera sides, nearly any telescope imaging system can be configured.   Specify any of the Optec-3600 telescope mounts or contact OPT to get a custom adapter to fit any telescope. 

    As a full 3-inch focuser, the TCF-Leo drawtube accepts any of the Optec-3000 adapters developed for the TCF-S3 and TCF-Lynx3 heavy duty focusers.  With the optional custom Precision Centering Adapter any large 2-inch diagonal or eyepiece may be added behind the focuser.  Visual users will appreciate the FocusLynx Hand Controller with fine-focus rotary knob for no-touch operation of the telescope focus.  

    TCF-Leo Specifications

    • Overall Thickness:    1.25-inch (31.8 mm) to 1.6-inches (40.6 mm)
    • Focuser Travel:    0.35-inch (8.9 mm)
    • Focuser Midpoint:    1.425-inch (36.2 mm)
    • Total Step Travel:    112,000 steps
    • Step Resolution:    0.08 microns
    • Weight:    1-pound 14-ounces (0.85 kg)
    • Payload Capacity:    20-pounds (9 kg)
    • Telescope-side Mount:  #OP-3600 dovetail
    • Camera-Side Mount:  #OP-3000 3-inch drawtube
    • Control System:    FocusLynx Controller (included)

    FocusLynx Controller Specifications

    Functional Specifications:
    • Stepper Motor Control:    bipolar and uni-polar stepper motors,
    • Resolution:    16-bit controller with 65,535 step range per focuser,
    • PC Connectivity:    USB/Serial, Ethernet, or optional 802.11 WiFi,
    • Hand Control:    Additional Optional Gemini 2-button Hand Controller with Digital Read-Out(#OP-19752),
    • WiFi Connection:    Optional 802.11 b/g compatible,
    • Second Stepper:    Optional plug-in daughter board,
    • Input Power:    12V DC universal power supply (110 to 230V AC input),
    • Alternative Power:    Field battery voltage (13.8V DC) with optional automotive cigarette lighter plug,
    • Software Drivers:    ASCOM local server, X2 native drivers for TheSky X
    FocusLynx Port Connections:
    • Focuser 1:    RJ45 socket for standard Cat-5e/Cat-6 to focuser,
    • Focuser 2:    Optional second stepper board for RJ45 socket,
    • Power:    12V DC input, 2.5 x 5.5 mm plug, center pin positive,
    • Network:    Standard RJ45 Ethernet socket,
    • Hand Controller:    RJ22 socket for standard telephone handset cord,
    • Serial:    RJ12 socket for Optec USB/Serial cable (included).



  • included items

    Package includes:

    • TCF-Leo Low Profile Focuser
    • FocusLynx Control Hub
    • Optec USB/Serial communications cable, 6-foot length
    • CAT-5e/CAT-6 Ethernet cable, 6-foot length
    • 12V DC 1.25A power supply - 110 to 240V AC input
    • UL/CSA compliant wall plug cord
    • Special replacement 3-Inch Drawtube with Split-Clamp Mount for TCF-Leo 3-inch focuser to fit large Wynne Correctors (not shown)
    • Fine mounting tools/accessories 



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