Takahashi TOA130R Reducer

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Takahashi TOA130R Reducer

Takahashi TOA-130 RD Reducer

The Takahashi TOA-130 RD Reducer is ready to make your Takahashi TOA-130 turn into the fast focal ratio you want for your most demanding astrophotography needs. Just put this focal reducer into place on either the 2.7" or 4" focuser and instantly transform your system into an f/5.76!

The Takahashi TOA130R Focal Reducer measures 2.7" in diameter and was designed with 35mm photography and large chip CCD astrophotography (35mm format) in mind. It fits focuser of all 2.7" focuser TOA-130 optical tube assemblies as well as the Takahashi FS-102, FS-128, TSA-102S. With the addition of a 4" to 2.7" adapter, the Takahashi TOA130R Focal Reducer is also compatible with the 4" focuser focuser design of the Takahashi TOA-130 and 150. The TOA130R is fully threaded to match all accessories.

How does the Takahashi TOA130R Focal Reducer work? Like all Takahashi optics, it begins with high quality, fully multicoated glass and changes the focal length of an f/8 to f/6 - even on older model telescope. At the same time, it also produces a flat field image, fully unvignetted, and will crisp, perfect stars to right out to the edge of space. As a finishing touch, Takahashi has also provided fully threaded metal covers to help protect both threads and optics!

Takahashi Product Number: TOA130R

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  • My Tak FS-102 accessories include a TOA/FS RD focal reducer. Would greatly appreciate assistance to help me determine if 1) There is a proper or optimal objective to focal length distance where the reducer should be placed and, 2) What the distance bet

    The chart shows the correct Takahashi parts to use but does not define the distance. Based on a Wide-T distance of 56mm (T-ring plus camera) and a CA-35 (TCA-1030) length of 27.7mm, the optimal distance from the 17mm long #19 spacer ring (part# TK-TKA3158