Takahashi Reducer/Flattener for Sky 90, FS-78, & FS-60C -

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Takahashi Reducer/Flattener for Sky 90, FS-78, & FS-60C -

Takahashi F/4.5 Reducer for SKY-90

The Takahashi F/4.5 Reducer-Flattener was designed for the Sky 90II, but it also works well with the Takahashi FS-78 and FS-60C model refractor telescopes, too. Now you can move the focal ratio of the Sky 90 down to f/4.5 for wide-field photographic use.

What's more, the he Takahashi F/4.5 Reducer-Flattener also acts as a field corrector. This means perfect flatness for imagers equipped with large sensors on their equipment.

Takahashi Product Number: TFP0900


Accessory TypeReducer
Warranty5 Year Warranty