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Takahashi Large Juraplate for EM-200 or EM-400

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Takahashi Large Juraplate for EM-200 or EM-400

The Takahashi TOP0200 Juraplate is a large Juraplate for the EM-200 or EM-400 mount. Mount two medium-sized telescopes, such as the FSQ-106 or FS-128, side-by-side. Slotted to move laterally for better balance. Can be used with M-250 by adding a Takahashi TAA0251 puck (see "Accessories").

The Takahashi TOP0200 Juraplate fits with a Takahashi guide mount # 2. The mounting bolt holes have a diameter of 8 mm. The screw bolt holes for guide mount are 105 mm apart and the dimensions of the Takahashi TOP0200 Juraplate are 180 x 350 mm with taper to 115 mm.


Adapter TypeBars & Blocks & Plates
Warranty5 Year Warranty