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Takahashi EM-500 Temma II Equatorial Mount

SKU : TK-TTM74110

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  • This product is no longer available. An updated version will be available in early 2022.

Product Details

  • Takahashi EM-500 Temma II Equatorial Mount

    The state-of-the-art Takahashi EM-500 Temma II mount has a tracking accuracy that is guaranteed to +/- 3.5 arc seconds without periodic error correction and it runs off of 24V DC. The EM-500 Temma II slews at 560X the Sidereal rate. The Temma II GoTo System can be operated via The Sky, Level IV software (and more) and is closed-loop. This means that the telescope can be moved manually without restarting the GoTo system. The mount can also be operated in manual (non-GoTo) mode without connecting to a computer and dual-axis tracking is available in this mode.

    The self-contained illuminated polar finder is accurate to two arc minutes of the pole. Autoguider and CCD cables are available for most CCD cameras including serial, RJ-11, and USB connectors. Main gears are phosphor-bronze with matching poly-steel worms for greater accuracy and durability vs. aluminum & stainless steel. New, precision micro-stepping motors provide high durabilty with softer pulse-peaks for better imaging. No need for servos and variable-voltage systems that reduce longevity.

    Despite being observatory quality, there's no need to hide the Takahashi EM-500 Temma II indoors. It can be easily installed on a portable pier and polar aligned in just minutes thanks to the intergrated polar finder, easy balance and precision of this system. This rock solid mount is capable of taking on large OTAs and your most demanding astrophotography applications!

    Specifications for Takahashi EM-500 Mount

    • Type German Equatorial Mount
    • R.A. slow-motion Motor driven
    • DEC. slow-motion Motor driven
    • Azimuth adjustments ± 15 (rotary base plate supplied)
    • Elevation adjustments  to 50
    • Polar finder / Accuracy Built-in / 2'
    • R.A. setting circles accuracy 10" DEC. setting circles accuracy 2
    • Encoders Supplied
    • Weight 45 kg
    • Counterweights 2 x 10.5 kg
    • Maximum loading capacity 45 kg (without counterweight)
    • Optimum loading capacity 30 kg (without counterweight)
    • Operating voltage 12V / 24V DC
    • Power consumption @12VDC : 0.52A (NS, sidereal rate and tracking speeds) ; 1.4A (HS, pointing speed) @24VDC : 0.39A (NS, sidereal rate and tracking speeds) ; 1.55A (HS, pointing speed)
    • Tube mouting With TMP0210 or TFK2210 plates, 2 x M8 screws (35mm)
    • Mounting capacities Tube rings, plates and dovetail mounting plates
    • R.A. axis diameter (material) 50 mm (bronze)
    • R.A. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 25 mm (iron)
    • R.A. gear diameter (material) 149 mm/144 teeth (bronze)
    • DEC. axis diameter (material) 50 mm (aluminium)
    • DEC. worm gear shaft diameter(material) 25 mm (brass)
    • DEC. gear diameter (material) 149 mm/144 teeth (bronze)
    • Type Temma-2
    • Stepper motor accuracy 115 pps
    • Slow motion speeds R.A. : 0.1x to 1.9x sidereal rate
    • Dec. : ± 1.5' to; 13.5' (by increment of 1.5'/sec)
    • High speed mode @12V. : 260x sidereal rate (R.A. and DEC.) @24V. : 520x sidereal rate (R.A. and DEC.)
    • Worm gear shaft cycle 10 minutes
    • Tracking accuracy ± 3.5"
    • Autoguiding SBIG compatible (with mini-DIN PS2 connector)
    • PC connectivity RS-232 serial port (with S-VHS to DB-9 cable, supplied)
    Takahashi Product Number: TSM7100

    Please don't forget... The tripod or pier is optional!
  • specifications

    Counterweights23 lb
    Hand Controller includedYes
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity120 lb
    Latitude Range1 degrees to 50 degrees
    Saddle WidthTakahashi
    Warranty5 Year Warranty
    Weight of Head99.2 lb
  • included items

    • This product is no longer available. An updated version will be available in early 2022.

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