Takahashi CCA-250 Corrected Cassegrain Astrograph

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  • Takahashi CCA-250 Corrected Cassegrain Astrograph

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    Takahashi CCA-250 Corrected Cassegrain Astrograph

    Designed to replace the Takahashi Baker-Ritchey Chretien BRC-250, the Takahashi CCA-250 Corrected Cassegrain Astrograph takes its place among the stars as the latest visual and astrophotonic instrument.

    With built-in electric focus, the Takahashi CCA-250 Astrograph allows the use of software to ensure perfect focus... and a large camera rotator can make use of an electric rotator for remote operation.

    Able to operate at three different focal lengths - f/5, f/3.9 (with 6345 Flattener) and f/8 - this new design makes use of today's modern big chip cameras. Add a carbon fiber tube to the equation for lightweight, stable temperature operation and excellent focus and you have the new Takahashi CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph!

    With the Takahashi Active Focuser system which installs the stepping motor for focus adjustment in the rear side of the secondary mirror, the focus adjusting is done by electrocution. Depending upon this system, automatic focusing of the digital equipment became possible.

    By the fact that drive is installed in the tube, the number of cables which become troublesome is decreased. When using automatic focusing function, it connects to the personal computer and the USB cable from control software Focus of attachment Infinity controls.

    Because you prepare also the driver of ASCOM correspondence, also the control from of FocusMax and MaxIm DL and the like is possible. It operates, the power source of DC12V is necessary.

    Around the principal mirror and inside the tube, temperature of the air is measured with the sensor, when the temperature difference of the section is large, in order the ope air temperature to adapt quickly, 3 inhalation fans lead the air to the principal mirror. Be able to set the operation setting of ON and OFF, from Focus Infinity, 3 fans it controls under the conditions which are set. Even with button operation of drive the fan it CAN TURN ON and CAN TURN OFF. The inhalation fan, in order not to become the interference of photographing, has used the vibrating fan low.

    As for the tube, being lightweight, thermal expansion almost has used the domestic carbon tube which is not. Loading to equatorial is not tube band system, is [arigata] [arimizo] formula of the new design.

    With the automatic focusing function of control application Focus Infinity of attachment, the focus adjusting of the photographing equipment being automatic with operation from the personal computer, it is possible. Drive and the personal computer are connected to the USB cable, the picture from the camera is captured, the optimum focus position is searched. Other than the focus adjusting, it can operate convenient function such as control of the fan and setting of the pre-setting position of 3 places with the personal computer of labor assistant. * Only one for Windows.

    Takahashi CCA-250 Corrected Cassegrain Astrograph Features

    • Optical performance: 2 microns RMS-spot radius on axis
    • Image circle: 88mm diameter (60% illuminated)
    • Image angular: 4 degrees diameter
    • Back focus/metal back: 155.4mm -193.9mm with CAA removed
    • Electric focus secondary computer controlled

    Additional Information

    Aperture249 mm (9.8")
    Back Distance193.5mm
    Dew Shield IncludedNo Sold Separately
    Diagonal Included Sold Separately
    Exterior ColorGloss Black
    Focal Ratiof/5
    Free ShippingYes
    GPS includedNo
    Hand Controller includedYes
    Highest Useful MagnificationNot supplied by manufacturer
    Image Across Fieldspot radius 2
    Image Circle88mm
    Limiting Stellar Magnitude14.5
    Mount Type OTA Only
    Optical CoatingsAluminum
    Optical DesignModified Cassegrain
    OTA Length34.25"
    OTA Outer Diameter306mm
    OTA Weight50.16 lbs.
    Power Adapter IncludedDC Cable with Alligator Clips
    Secondary Aperture125mm
    Telescope SeriesTakahashi BRC/ FRC
    Tripod Type Included Sold Separately
    Warranty5 Year Warranty

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • What is the maximum movement in mm of the focuser travel?

      Takahashi does not specify the range of focuser travel as there is a very specific back focus that a camera needs to be at in reference to the rear corrector lenses of the CCA250. The back focus with the Camera Angle Adjuster is 155.4mm and without the CA

    • What is the maximum movement in mm of the focuser travel?

      It is 10mm. I own one.

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