Takahashi 645 QE Reducer Set for CCA-250 - Discontinued -

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Takahashi 645 QE Reducer Set for CCA-250 - Discontinued -

Takahashi 645 QE Reducer Set for CCA-250

Takahashi's potent large 645 QE reducer is a highly useful piece of equipment. This reducer uses four lenses in four groups to produce a large ??60mm image circle suitable for large chip CCD cameras. Each lens is individually of a high quality, and together they produce remarkable results. The reduction factor is 0.73x, which produces f/3.6 912mm for the CCA-250. The result is a sharp image across the entire image circle. In order to give maximum rigidity to the reducer, the reducer screws into the rear cell of the CCA-250. Additionally, the CCA-250 CAA can be used to allow the camera/reducer package to be rotated. The reducer is inside of the CAA and does not contact the CAA in any way.

Manufacturer Product Number: TKA31580LS


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