Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender for TOA, Mewlon, and FS-Series Telescopes

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Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender for TOA, Mewlon, and FS-Series Telescopes

Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender

Created specifically for use with the Takahashi TOA, Mewlon, and FS-Series Telescopes refractor , the Takahashi Extender-TOA130EX acts as both a 1.6X magnification visual barlow and a photographic tele-extender that flattens the field. Unlike a traditional barlow lens, the Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender is a well-designed optical amplification device consisting of five separate elements. The unique construction allows for flat, color free, extremely high contrast images! This means the Takahashi Extender-T excels at high magnification lunar and planetary visual observation or photography and CCD imaging.

Because the Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender also acts as a 1.6X magnification barlow, it provides the TOA, Mewlon, and FS-Series refractor with a longer focal length. No more squinting through short eye relief eyepieces for a more magnified view! The Takahashi EX Extender includes a safety groove to prevent it from slipping out of the focuser and two thumbscrews mean added securing for your eyepieces, camera adapters or diagonals. For the astrophotographer, the Takahashi Extender-T is an added bonus. By correcting the ultra-violet spectrum, CCD images no longer have a "bloated" appearance... You'll get more realistic, true-to-vision images than ever before!

Takahashi 1.6X 2" Extender Features

  • Takahashi optical quality in a five-element design.
  • Measures 3.75" in length and weighs 12 ounces.
  • Two thumbscrews and etched safety groove for added equipment security.
  • Five year Takahashi warranty.
Takahashi Product: TK-TOA-130EX


Accessory TypeExtender
Free ShippingYes
Warranty5 Year Warranty


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  • Does this extender work like a Powermate? My issue is the use of a Powermate may not provide a large enough image circle to cover the pick-off prism of my SBIG STT-8300 self guiding filter wheel. If I use this extender on my TOA 130--will the image circ

    The image circle of this extender is 40mm, so it should allow at least part of the guide prism to be used.