Teleskop Service T2 Tilt Adjuster

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Teleskop Service T2 Tilt Adjuster

The T2 Tilt Adjuster by Teleskop Service Ransburg:

Many astrophotographers know the problem: one focuses as precisely as possible but in one or two corners, the stars are not pinpoints. Often, the result is a compromise by "tricking" the focus to a point where most of the image field has the best focus possible or cropping the image.

Some possible causes of this problem:

  • a tilted camera sensor (fragments of a millimetre are enough)
  • a tilted focuser
  • a tilted focal plane of the telescope (common at Newtonian telescopes)
  • tilted optical accessories by unprecise clamping

We have the solution: With the TS optics tilting mechanism, the camera's sensor is aligned with the focal plane no matter what causes the tilt. You just have to keep the orientation of the complete accessory train.

And that's how it works: The best way is a calibration by test images. Identify the "bad corner" in your photo and begin adjusting the TSJ.

1. Loosen the counter screws (the small setting screws)

2. Slightly turn the adjustment screws close to the "bad corner"

3. Take a second image. If the situation has become worse, turn the adjustment screw in the other direction until the image is satisfying.

4. Finally, tighten the counter screws again.

... and be pleased by a significantly higher image quality!

Technical details:
  • Connection threads: M42x0.75 - T2 (female at telescope / male at camera side)
  • free inside diameter ... 38,5mm
  • Back focus: 11mm (+/- 0,5mm - depends on adjustment situation)
  • Adjustment by three adjustment and three counter screws

OPT Product Number: TS-TSJT2



ManufacturerTeleskop Service

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  • Will this go on a Canon T2i DSLR to 2 inch focuser?

    Yes. The Canon T-ring (Item numbers CE-93419, OR-5224, VX-37306-2) will thread to one side. You will also need an os-a2t which is a 2" draw tube with t-threads on the other side.

  • I have a QSI690wsg-8 with the 2.156 adapter and nosepiece (upgraded from standard T mount); what adapters would I need to attach to the camera?

    The correct Optec Lepus adapter to use in this case is the OP-19398-49 ( This works for all 500/600 series wsg cameras with the upgraded 2.156" adapter b

  • This can be flipped 180 degrees, so the male is on the telescope side and female at the camera side?

    Yes, you can flip this if you have the proper adapters to do so. You may have an issue adjusting the tip-tilt screws (which are only accessible from the male thread side), so make sure you leave yourself a lot of clearance on the scope-side of the tip-ti