Starlight Xpress Ultrastar Mini CCD Camera - Color

  • Extremely compact and perfect for grab-and-go imaging setups.
  • Impressive 75% QE, the Sony ExView ICX825AL Color Grade 1 CCD chip. 
  • Full-size RJ12 Autoguider port.
  • Built-in C Thread.
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Starlight Xpress Ultrastar Mini CCD Camera - Color

The Starlight Xpress Ultrastar Mini CCD Camera - Color

Borrowing from the same compact concept as the Starlight Xpress Lodestar, the Ultrastar is highly sensitive miniature CCD camera with both guiding and imaging capabilities. Low internal noise and ease of use make the Ultrastar an exceptional primary camera choice for the beginning astro-photograher and a premium guide camera for the intermediate to advanced user.

Perhaps the Ultrastar's greatest feature is the ability to stack images while shooting. When used in conjunction with Starlight LIVE software, the Ultrastar will provide a build-as-you-go imaging experience. Rich detail is exposed when short exposures are combined over the course of the imaging session making it a great choice for outreach and educational situations where students and participants can see their final imaging results with almost instant satisification, without the tedium of post-processing. While the camera is uncooled, the internal noise levels are very low. Warm pixels are simply removed by applying hot pixel filters, stacking dithered images or using conventional dark frame subtraction. Starlight Xpress' original image processing software is included to allow for as much fine-tuning as you please.

The Ultrastar is extremely compact and perfect for grab-and-go imaging set ups. If you love to travel, camp or hike to more remote locations for imaging or own a very lightweight setup this is the camera for you! Powered by mini-USB which connects through the rear of the camera, the Ultrastar draws less than 200mA. Leave the extra power supply at home! The camera is a featherweight at only 3 ounces. It will never bog down your gear on even the most lightweight of imaging set ups.

For those seeking a premium guide camera, the Ultrastar provides nearly twice the imaging area of the Lodestar. The Sony ExView 2/3" format CCD chip also provides progressive scanning and better dark current performance.

Additional Key Features

  • 1.25" diameter allows the Ultrastar to drop neatly into your 1.25" eyepiece holder, no extra adapters needed.
  • Large imaging area: A 8.98mm x 6.71mm imaging area gives you ample space for wide field imaging of galaxies, nebulae and for finding a guide star with ease.
  • Impressive 75% QE, the Sony ExView ICX825AL Color Grade 1 CCD chip has large 6.45 micron square pixels to quickly and effectively gather light.
  • Verical anti-blooming keeps light from "spilling over" into unwanted pixels.
  • Full size RJ12 Autoguider port. Eliminates extra cables from your computer to your mount for mount corrections.
  • USB 2.0 powered. 2 frame per second at full resolution download speed.
  • Aluminum construction for durability.

Ultrastar Specifications

  • CCD Sensor: Sony ICX825AL ExView Color Sensor
  • Vertical Anti-Blooming, Overload Margin Greater Than 1000x
  • Pixel Size: 6.45 Micron Square
  • Array: 1392 x 1040 Pixels
  • Image Area: 8.98 x 6.71mm
  • Spectral Response: Approx. 75% QE at 620nm, 45% at 400 and 770nm
  • Readout Noise: Typically 5 Electrons RMS
  • Full Well Capacity: Greater Than 23,000 e- Unbinned
  • Dark Current: Dark Frame Saturation Time Greater Than 1 Hour. Less Than 0.1 Electrons/ Second at +10C Ambient.
  • Data Format: 16 Bit.
  • System Gain: 0.3 e/ ADU
  • Computer Interface: Built-in USB 2.0 Compatible Interface
  • Image Download Time: 2 Frames/ Second at Full Resolution
  • Power Requirements: USB Powered (cable provided)
  • Cooling System: Ambient Air Cooling
  • Size: 1.25" Diameter by 3.35" Long
  • Finish: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Adapter: Built-in C Thread
  • Weight: Approx. 3 Ounces



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