Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 834 Cooled Monochrome CCD Camera

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Starlight Xpress Trius Pro 834 Cooled Monochrome CCD Camera

The TRIUS Pro 834 Monochrome Camera is part of the SONY ICX 1” format sensor series just like the TRIUS PRO 694 and 814. This camera has 12 million pixels with each of them being a 3.1-micron square which perfectly suits these to short focal length optics like refractors, with the ideal length being between 300 to 600mm. With read-noise figures better than many CMOS cameras, along with high QE (Quantum Efficiency), delta cooling of approx. -45°C, 16bit data, and solid full-well depth figures, this is a great addition to wide field deep-sky imaging setups. 

Versatile Camera Body

All Trius Cameras have incorporated a USB hub into the main camera, which offers 3 x USB 2.0 ports at the rear of the camera. Each port is capable of delivering up to 200mA and is able to drive a Lodestar, or UltraStar for guiding and another two USB ports for our USB filter wheels, etc. This integration greatly reduces the number of cable trails back to the computer and gives less potential cable tangling around the mount during your imaging session.

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Low Temp Cooling Systems

The TRIUS Pro Camera Series reach anywhere between -40 and -50 degrees of cooling, ensuring that your noise levels stay extremely low. Combined with this, each camera is designed with Argon-filled sensor chambers to further optimize this process.


ADC16 bit
Color or MonoMonochrome
Delta T45C
Full Well8ke
Mega Pixels12 mp
Peak QE78%
Pixel Array4240 x 2824
Pixel Size3.1 microns
PS3 Microns or Smaller
Read Noise3e
Sensor Diagonal15.8mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorSony ICX834
Weight1 lbs