Starlight Xpress OcuPi Wireless Controller for Oculus

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Starlight Xpress OcuPi Wireless Controller for Oculus

The OcuPi Wireless Controller for Oculus by Starlight Xpress:

The OcuPi unit from Starlight Xpress creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for your Oculus All Sky cam to make use of as well as recording all the nights images to an internal SD card.

Based on the 'Raspberry Pi' and utilizing software from David Schmek, this portable device will send live images to a wifi connected device like an iPad while being mounted to the mast of your Oculus. The OcuPi also includes software that can start imaging at dusk and stop at dawn automatically, and will also auto-create an mpeg movie of the previous night's frames. This unit and the Oculus both run off of 12VDC power.

Download User's Manual HERE!

OPT Product Number: SX-OCUPI