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Starlight Xpress 'Maxi' Wheel- 11X36mm Threaded with Inbuilt OAG

SKU : SX-120-0025

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Product Details

  • Starlight Xpress 'Maxi' Wheel- 11X36mm Threaded with Inbuilt OAG

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this one goes to eleven! Taking it the extra step further past ten out of ten, this filter wheel has eleven positions in which to slot 36mm sized filters. This is Starlight Xpress's new large format filter wheel, primarily intended for use with the SX-35 and 36, but also suitable for smaller chip cameras in situations when you just need to go to eleven, because less positions isn't cutting it- for example, when you want to perform both narrowband and standard LRGB imaging in the same night with minimal hassle.

    As an added bonus, this isn't just an exceptionally sized filter wheel with many positions of convenient size- it's also equipped with a built in off-axis guider! That's right- this filter wheel really does go above and beyond, providing both convenient filter-changing between up to eleven 36mm filters and off-axis guiding for whatever camera you choose to attach it to.

    This model makes us of input and output adapters that are M72 x 1 mm (male and female). These adapters are both removable and also may be oriented at any rotational angle to set the wheel and camera into optimal positions. The standard 72mmx1mm thread adapters may be replaced with other versions, simply by unscrewing three fixing bolts.

    This filter wheel doesn't stop the show there, either- it goes on to boast about it's new motor system, another field in which it greatly surpasses older, less sophisticated models from a less elegant time. Instead of the typical stepper motor most filter wheels use, the SX Maxi Wheel makes use of an internal sub-miniature DC motor which consumes far less power than the older alternative. Furthermore, this internal motor bypasses the need for bulky power supply systems, and the lack of an external motor also greatly cuts down on bulk and size.

    And on top of all that, this filter wheel takes it past ten to eleven once more, by also providing vibration free filter transfers due to the small size of the motor.

  • specifications

    Camera ConnectionFemale M72x1
    Scope Side ConnectionM72x1

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