Stellarvue SVX080T Premier f/6 Triplet Refracting Telescope with Feathertouch Focuser

  • Telescope tube weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Focal length: 480 mm (18.9 inches)
  • Focal ratio: f/6
  • Aperture: 80 mm (3.1 inches)
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Stellarvue SVX080T Premier f/6 Triplet Refracting Telescope with Feathertouch Focuser

Please note: this version of the Stellarvue SVX080T comes with the 2.5-Inch Feathertouch Focuser, one of the most dependable and widely-used focusers on the market.

Stellarvue 80 Optical Design

The Stellarvue 80 mm f/6 Apochromatic Triplet Refractor has optics rated at .98 - .996 Strehl with excellent optical correction for aberrations commonly seen in mass-produced optics. To attain this level of optical accuracy, more than the standard machine polishing is required. While the former models (without the X designation) were all excellent coming in at .95 Strehl or higher, SVX series telescopes are even more exceptional, placing 98 - 99% of the light precisely where it should be. Stellarvue Premier (X) Series refractors are for the astronomer who recognizes the best when they see it. Each SVX series refractor comes with a Zygo interferometric test report documenting the final accuracy of your objective!

Stellarvue 80 Main Features

  • Advanced Optical System - This air-spaced, multi-coated telescope features a combination of the Ohara FPL-53 extra-low dispersion center element with a Lanthanum rear element for unmatched clarity.
  • Exceptional Manufacturing - The aluminum, fully-baffled tube comes equipped with a dew shield built-in to the design, along with heavy-duty, American-made rings for mounting and accessories.
  • Built to Last - Weighing in at just 27 pounds including the dovetail, this telescope is easy enough to move around and even bring to your desired dark sky sites. This is especially easy with the included hard case that will hold it all!
  • 2.5-Inch Feathertouch Focuser - One of the most reliable and commonly used focusers in high-end astronomy setups. Motors are available for this focuser to improve your ability to focus even further.

Versatile, Durable, Dependable

This high-resolution telescope performs flawlessly as a visual or photographic instrument. To use it photographically, order the correct field flattener or field flattener/reducer (see below). The Feathertouch Focuser is built to hold even the largest/heaviest accessories without strain. The smooth 10-1 focus knob allows excellent focusing and may be outfitted with temperature compensating motorization.

American machined rings are strong and stable, made of 6061-T6 aluminum precision cnc machined to exact tolerance. Cast rings can break, these rings never do.

Stellarvue Lenses

Each lens is tested to meet Stellarvue’s APO Triplet standard with straight lines, .98 or better Strehl ratio and an excellent Airy disk. Using the best glass combined with highly accurate figuring and continuous testing throughout the process, this is as good as it gets. All SVX80T lenses are .98 - .99 Strehl as measured at 100% on Stellarvue’s 6" Zygo phase-shifting laser interferometer.


Aperture80 mm (3.25")
Dawes Limit0.24 arcseconds
Focal Length480 mm
Focal Ratiof/6
Free ShippingYes
Highest Magnification160x
Light Gathering Power131x
Limiting Magnitude13.3
Optical DesignTriplet
Tube Diameter90mm
Tube Weight4.5 lbs


  • Stellarvue 80 mm Apochromatic Triplet OTA
  • 2.5-Inch Feathertouch Focuser
  • Heavy-duty Mounting Rings
  • Thick Padded Case