Stellarvue SV130T Triplet Refractor Imaging System - Duplicate

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Stellarvue SV130T Triplet Refractor Imaging System - Duplicate

We are proud to offer this compilation of Stellarvue products that has been designed to be an ideal choice for any astronomer interested in imaging with their telescope. This is a Stellarvue SV130T Apochromatic Triplet telescope that has been packaged alongside the necessary field flattener to make it an excellent imaging telescope, but as the field flattener is an attachment you may still choose to use the telescope without it for visual use. This makes this an all-around better investment than simply buying the telescope on its own, as you may still choose to use it for visual, but have the expanded option of imaging adaptation.

By default, this is a 130mm Aperture F/7 visual telescope, but when the field flattener is in use this changes to a 130mm Aperture F/5 imaging system, a difference in focal ratio that means the world when your goal is to capture the finest possible astronomy images. For optimal performance, we suggest using the SX694 Camera with it's accompanying filter wheel and lodestar with the Stellarvue SV130T Apochromatic Triplet, as it is very compatible with this excellent telescope. In conjunction with this camera and telescope, you will also require a set of Astrodon LRGB filters of the correct size for use with that filter wheel, and an Astrodon Ha Filter to match.



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