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Stellarvue Riser Block Set for SV Rings (2.5")

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Stellarvue Riser Block Set for SV Rings (2.5")

Stellarvue Riser Block Set for SV Rings (2.5")

Riser Blocks are a tool for when more room is needed between the rail and the telescope while mounting. This is particularly important with smaller telescopes when a camera is mounted to the rear and it cannot be balanced on the mount. Using Stellarvue Riser Blocks, a longer rail may be used that extends to the rear and allows adjustable travel to attain balancing over the focuser.

This set of riser blocks raises the telescope a full 2.5" above the rail to ensure copious space for whatever purpose you might need it! Stellarvue riser blocks have provision for a center screw or two screws that are between 1.5" and 2" apart.

Manufacturer Product Number: RB002SET