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Stellarvue Reducer-Flattener for SVR90T with 2.5" Focuser

SKU : SV-SFFR90-25

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Product Details

  • This reducer/flattener was designed for our SVR90T triplet lens. The flattener threads into a Feather Touch or Stellarvue 2.5” focuser. The 0.8X focal reduction converts the 90mm f-6 to f-5.6 and reduces the focal length to 504 mm.

    This reducer flattener has a standard 42 mm filter thread. Standard 2" filters can be added to the reducer/flattener when imaging. The backfocus of the unit is 55 mm. Since a DSLR with t-ring has a 55 mm backfocus, thread it into the cameras t-ring and then screw it to the focuser as shown below.

  • specifications

    Back Focus55mm
    Camera Side ConnectionMale M42x.75
    Telescope Side Connection Male M63x1

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